The idea has been floating around for a while – web design has a samenessthat’s just kind of boring. Let’s dive into some unique and innovative website layouts that can break the mold!

Blame user patterns, too many projects for too few designers, or just the desire of clients to have their site looks like something they’ve already seen and understand. But all is not lost. Even though some people are snoozing at what’s out there, designers are still experimenting and having fun with website design.

Today, we’ll break the routine and dive into ten website designs that feature unique or innovative ideas. If nothing else, it should break you out of any creative rut you might be having.

Divided Homepage

website layout ideas

An overwhelming number of homepage designs feature a giant hero image or video and a couple of big words to draw users into the design.

When those still images are “opened” they convert to video elements.

But what if you have more than one story to tell?

Molecular flips that concept with a six-panel homepage. What makes it work is the innovative use of hover actions to open each panel to display more information, while shrinking the others. The design is engaging as well. When those still images are “opened” they convert to video elements. (That made me move through each one just to see what video was present.)

This design solution is a unique way to break up a lot of complicated information. It’s highly visual, leads the user to just what the need and isn’t overwhelming in the process.

Massive Card Deck

website layout ideas
The interactive canvas shows that a lot is happening with Bitcoin.

Card-style design patterns gained a lot of popularity for a while, faded somewhat and have been reinvented again. This history less of Bitcoin is a massive display of cards on a game-board style canvas.

There’s no navigation, no sound or looping video, just dozens of cards with headlines (some with photos) hoping that you’ll click.

For some, this treatment might seem a bit overwhelming. But what if that is the whole idea? The interactive canvas shows that a lot is happening with Bitcoin.

Then take note of all the tiny headlines. They feel a lot like social media clickbait with titles like “7 Best Bitcoin Explainer Videos” and “History of Bitcoin (As Told By Its 7 Most Iconic Memes).”

Even if you never click a single card, my guess is that you’ll find yourself investigating how this movement works, what the logic is behind the zoom and center toggles and if this nontraditional user pattern has a place in your projects.

Uber Minimalism

website layout ideas

It’s just a big logo. There’s no color. Nothing to see.

But I’m intrigued anyway.

This website design takes minimalism to the extreme and still provides an interesting user experience. It might be the soft color palette or the globe-style animation, but the simplicity of the design makes me want to see the featured projects on this portfolio website.

Sometimes a lack of information can be the thing that piques our curiosity.

Break the Rules

website layout ideas

This website breaks more design rules that I can count. But I keep looking at it.

There are altered fonts, odd abbreviations of words, text overlapping odd areas, a lack of contrast in the background, over-the-top gradients, multiple animations moving at once and some tiny lettering.

But I keep looking at it.

My guess is that if you click through, you will too.

Common guidance says that if you want to break design rules to just break one; yet, here they all seem to be broken beautifully. This style of website design is a definite risk that’s most appropriate for a portfolio site or something that gives you more creative freedom.

Mix Old and New School

website layout ideas
It’s nostalgic and can tug at the fond memories of users.

Yes, that’s Britney Spears circa 1999.

This website is a Spotify project that combines an old-school aesthetic but uses artificial learning and bots to help you find the right playlist.

While we can all agree that this design style is not what you would really focus on today – it’s so plain and boxy, right – its stands out because of that old-school feel. Why would new technology power games in this style?

That yin and yang effect is interesting and bold. It’s nostalgic and can tug at the fond memories of users. (The flip side is that anyone born after this era just won’t get it.)

Tile the Background

websitelayout ideas

The design is bold and in-your-face. Pin-Up Magazine tiles it’s cover on the homepage. Scroll just a little and one bigger one pops up, just begging to be clicked.

The style of the website is quite brutalist but easy to read.

It’s hideous and I love it anyway.

This is one of those places when weighing the audience and goals of the design can lead you down an unexpected path. Think about these magazine covers; they aren’t that enticing on their own. But the overwhelming design brings focus. The lack of elements on the homepage almost forces the user to scroll (and navigation does pop in).

This design can be scaled back to backgrounds that are tiled and less “out there.” But it’s a good example of how not everything has to have that sameness. This one makes you look because it’s loud and daring.

Space and Asymmetry

website layout ideas
What’s enticing about the simplicity of this design is that it doesn’t seem to ask much of the user.

Break the grid or plan an asymmetrical grid.

The beautiful nothingness of Lasse Pedersen’s website is phenomenal.

Websites are always trying to sell with plenty of entry points into different bits of content. None of those exist here. Look at the screen or scroll. That’s it. Two choices. Plain and simple.

The risk here is that the thing users choose is to leave the design, but the flow across the screen with the simple instruction to scroll should be enough to draw at least one flick of the mouse.

What’s enticing about the simplicity of this design is that it doesn’t seem to ask much of the user. You can really look at the images and if you make it past the homepage there’s a small contact button if you want to know more.

Display a Full-Screen Photo

website layout ideas

Most full-page hero images and videos are trapped between a light or dark header bar at the top of the screen with navigation elements and some type of separation to the next content element below.

Gourmand & Gourmet uses a full screen image without all the containerized elements surrounding it.

While the design feels big without the header in particular, it is a tricky configuration. Just think of how hard it can be to place text on different parts of an image, and now you have to do it with the display text as well as smaller navigation elements.

This type of website design takes the perfect set of images, but can provide a lot of visual value.

Flip the Photo Placements

website layout ideas

One of the common themes among all of the unique and innovative website designs in this collection is that they present a new take on a common idea. Hopefully they are concepts and elements that you can use.

Photonico uses a simple design to showcase photos. The twist is that smaller images are on top as a form of navigation and big photos are below.

This creates a nice flow from top to bottom of the page. (Although I might like it even better if they got rid of the text navigation above the photo navigation.)

It goes to show that you don’t have to do the same thing to get the same result. Every element on the homepage is designed to take users deeper into the site.

The best part of this design might actually be the interaction that happens when you engage. Type in a search term and the screen shifts. It feels like a one page design thanks to nifty, quick animations, the simple dark background and static search bar.

Be Silly and Have Fun

website layout ideas

Design something happy and engaging. Beyond Theory does it with words, images and calls to action that are a bit unexpected – contact us on AOL (LOL).

Combine that with bright color and plenty of open space and the design is a pure delight.

It also uses an asymmetrical pattern and layered elements to create depth and interest.


Ready to get to work on something new and different? While there are pros and cons to all of the different website design ideas featured here, there’s something you can take away from each one.

The big idea is to just try. Not every design will yield great results every time, but there is value in daring to do something different.

Source: Design Shack

New Pentagram partner Yuri Suzuki gives us an insight into his highly experimental work ahead of a talk he will give at Design Indaba in Cape Town, South Africa, later this month.

Pentagram partner Yuri Suzuki is talking to Design Week about how the melody in generic telephone hold music could be trained to constantly evolve by an algorithm so that it never repeats itself and therefore limits the sense of time passing slowly for anyone waiting on a phone line.

This is one of the research and development projects that he is working on for Pentagram, having been made partner at the London studio in 2018. While the consultancy has a history of product designer partners including co-founder Kenneth Grange and current partner Daniel Weil, the majority of Pentagram’s partners are graphic designers.

What Suzuki does is quite hard to pin down, but essentially he is a sound designer who works with electronics and creates large-scale installations, interactive works, products and musical instruments.

Yuri Suzuki, challenging the traditional monitor keyboard setup

We caught up with him ahead of his talk at Design Indaba in Cape Town where he’ll be presenting at the end of the month.

Of the hold music project, he says: “When people are waiting on the phone they find that the music can get annoying so I’m creating an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based algorithm melody progression with no repetition.”

“I’m unusual for Pentagram”

Suzuki talks in excited soundbites and his head seems to be fizzing with ideas. He works within “space and sound design” in his own words and describes his appointment as “unusual for Pentagram”.

He shut down his own eponymous studio in East London when he took the new job and now works from a space within Pentagram’s West London studio, although describes himself as “quite nomadic”.

Career highlights include the wowing Z-Machines, created in 2013 for advertising agency Hakuhodo Zima in an effort to show that machines are able to play emotionally engaging music. The result is heart warming, breath taking and thoroughly entertaining, so it works.

“A 78 finger guitarist, or a drummer with 22 arms – although partially explored in this project – suggests there is huge potential for Z-Machines,” according to Suzuki.

Then there’s the slightly more restrained Synth Play. This highly interactive project was created for Chinese tech company Raven and saw Suzuki turn large inflatable shapes into an interface for people to interact with. Each shape controlled a different element of sound while also manipulating light and smell within a controlled gallery space.

Some of his work is beautifully simple. Looking at the above image you can see that Sonic Playground created for the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, USA, barely needs explanation. Modular funnels and tubes have been constructed to encourage children to communicate vocally through play.

At the moment he’s working on a number of projects which he hopes he will be able to unveil at Design Indaba. Intriguingly, one of these is a set of musical instruments which was designed in the 1970s and never completed. Suzuki is finishing them off and bringing them to bear although he can’t reveal what they are.

“Sound in branding leaves a strong impression”

He is a big believer in sound design being part of integrated design solutions and it is possible that in the future we might see Suzuki’s talents being put to use on a Pentagram branding project. Although he doesn’t say this explicitly he does talk about the power of sonic branding and sound signatures.

“Sound in branding leaves a strong impression and really sticks to your brain – it’s stronger than visuals even,” he says.

He’s also a big believer in the integration of sound design within products. A good example of this is car design, an area where sound design has historically meant things like the sound car doors make when they shut, or the alarm noise made when lights are left on.

However, Suzuki is struck by the possibility of sounds that can be synthesized within electric or self-driving cars, which in some cases can even be the sound of the car engine. He is “consulting with a car company” but won’t say anymore and is also interested in the further integration of voice activated connected home products such as Amazon’s Alexa.

“Psychology of sound”

Sonic product and sonic branding signatures are obvious outlets for Suzuki’s talents within Pentagram but we will have to wait and see what his design trajectory is. After all, he is highly experimental.

His main area of interest, although there is not a project tackling it per se, is how music and sound can affect human behaviour. “There’s nothing really out there on the psychology of sound in any detail so I’d like to look at that for research and education purposes.”

Yuri Suzuki is speaking at Design Indaba, which takes place from 27 February – 1 March at the Artscape Theatre, D.F. Malan St, Foreshore, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa. For more information and tickets, head to: 

Source: Design Shack

What’s hot in graphic design? One of the things people always want to talk to me about is graphic design trends. Here’s a recap of the top graphic design trends of 2018, plus a little preview of what’s likely on the horizon for 2019.

It’s such an interesting topic because there are trends that change slowly over time – just look at the long evolution of flat design to where we are now – and others that seem to flip overnight. Should you always rush to use the latest graphic design trends in your work? Of course not. But it’s helpful to pick up new ideas, find inspiration, and see what types of techniques and styles are shaping your industry.

1. Bright Color

graphic design trends
graphic design trends

Use of bright color for everything from backgrounds to images to user interface elements was one of the biggest graphic design trends of 2018 for sure.

Palettes with lots of bright color in interesting shapes or typography have been huge this year.

Projects featuring vivid color palettes have been dominant in website projects and redesigns a well as print promotion and elements. Many of these colors take a cue from Material Design palettes, which are bright and bold featuring colors such as blue, purple and pink.

The two places where color has really shown up is in product and packaging design that carries over to other elements such as website design. RXBar, above, is a prime example of this trend in action. Every color is distinctive and the packaging and website design are perfectly married.

But that’s not the only application of the bright color graphic design trend.

Designers are also using more rainbow-inspired palettes that break the rule of using just two or three colors for the design. Palettes with lots of bright color in interesting shapes or typography have been huge this year.

2. VR and Mixed Reality

graphic design trends
graphic design trends
This type of design is everywhere from websites to short videos and ads.

Virtual and mixed reality projects just keep growing as devices become more common.

But there are also projects that use these same design styles without having to use a special device.

This graphic design trend is exemplified by elements that look almost real and move in realistic ways, but aren’t life-like. Think about mixing cartoonish elements and tactile animation.

This type of design is everywhere from websites to short videos and ads. (The technique has been popular in gaming for a while.) There’s even some crossover into print, although there’s an obvious lack of animation.

And while this is a design technique, the trick to really making it work is storytelling. Users have to be a part of the action to truly engage with this type of content. But if you can get their attention, it can be a valuable way to interact with users.

3. Three-Dimensional Still Life Elements

graphic design trends
graphic design trends

It seems like designers are itching to do three-dimensional design projects. That is showing up in staged elements and still life representations of elements and objects in a 3D space – real or created.

This concept creates a highly engaging canvas and representation for product placements and showing how something might look or feel in real life. These designs are often rather elaborate, although they might not look like it at a glance, and might feature real and created objects.

This graphic design trend shows imagination in action.

4. Single-Page or Long-Scroll Layouts

graphic design trends
graphic design trends

The scroll is not dead! Thanks to mobile internet and usage habits, it’s actually alive and maybe even doing better than ever. (It’s probably not a shock that mobile users scroll … a lot.)

What’s important is designing responsively in a way that’s conducive to this behavior. Using card-style elements, smooth design, and structuring content so that there’s a reason to keep moving down the screen.

What can be complicated about this trend is that what looks like an ideal amount of content on a desktop screen can actually be quite a load on a mobile screen. Single-page layouts need to offer a balance of these use types so that content doesn’t feel sparse or overwhelming.

Generally, this trending design is best for projects that don’t have what would traditionally take a lot of pages or for content that’s broken into smaller chunks for quick digestibility.

5. Gradients

graphic design trends
graphic design trends

Gradients are everywhere – as backgrounds, as photo and video overlays, inside images, and the list goes on.

Color has been a big deal in 2018 and gradients have been a big part of that movement. The same bright colors that have been popular on their own are also trending choices for gradients.

But not all trending gradients are bold and bright. Some are more subtle with a soft color variation. They can be used with real elements or illustrations and typography.

6. Moving Shapes and Blobs

graphic design trends
graphic design trends

There something majestic about animated shapes and blobs. This design trend centers around “shapeless” shapes that move slowly (or sometimes with a little more pep) in the background of a design.

Blobs can be large or small and often feature bright color or serve as a dominant art or eye tracking element to help users navigate a design.

But this best part is this trend is a little funky and fresh without trying too hard. You can deploy some fun animation without overthinking it and develop a design pattern that’s engaging for users even when the project might lack other imagery such as photos or video.

The biggest users of this trend seem to be startups or smaller-scale projects for that reason. And the innovative designs are worth a look.

7. Minimal Navigation

graphic design trends
graphic design trends

Whereas mega menus were all the rage a few years back, there’s been a shift to more minimal and even hidden navigation elements. This takes a cue from mobile (where most users are viewing websites anyway) to create a more open canvas and streamline user experiences.

While there are pros and cons to “barely there” navigation, the graphic design definitely benefits from a clean canvas and more creative options for tucking away those “pesky” navigation elements.

Both examples above do this in different ways. Blab uses a create square menu button at the bottom left of the screen. Le Mordue doesn’t even show navigation on the home screen, it pops in as users scroll.

8. Authentic Imagery

graphic design trends
graphic design trends

With everyone trying to connect in a true way less polished, authentic images are dominating design projects. Even commercial photography is shifting to look more like snapshots for these projects.

More authentic imagery is not amateurish; it’s just a different style.

And while the look is a little less polished, it works.

This trend works because it feels more real. It also crosses over to other places where design elements are used for a brand, such as social media.

You can capture this trend using stock imagery – although it can get tricky fast – but the better alternative is to have a conversation with your photographer/videographer about what you want to do visually. More authentic imagery is not amateurish; it’s just a different style.

Higher screen resolutions are making it more important than ever to have high-quality images and—even if the trending style is a little laxer—the quality of the photography should not be.


What new design ideas are you most looking forward to using in graphic design projects this year?

The thing I love about all of these concepts is that they are pretty usable. There’s nothing better than a merging of beautiful design and highly usable experience.

Source: Design Shack

Gensler has designed the space in central London with the aim of encouraging “integration” between teams and highlighting the brand’s heritage.

Design and architecture studio Gensler has worked with magazine publisher Hearst UK, to create new offices for the media company and bring all of its brands into the same building for the first time.

Hearst UK, which publishes titles including Elle, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, was previously located in two separate Soho, London offices.

All of its media brands have now moved in together in a newly designed space spanning five floors in Leicester Square, London.

The media company briefed Gensler to create a space which encourages collaboration and showcases the businesses’ heritage.

“Our goal was to drive integration and collaboration among teams and support cohesion and equality between brands,” says Christopher Crawford, senior designer at Gensler.

“For us this project was much more than a physical build – it was about creating culture that works across the entire Hearst family,” he adds.

The open-plan design for the newly named House of Hearst, includes a multitude of spaces for people to step away from their desks, work together or socialise, including a “flexible” reception area, central meeting suite, dining area and library space.

Meeting rooms have been moved to the centre of the space, allowing for desks to be placed around the outside, both letting in more light and creating better views, according to Gensler.

Areas have been designed for the creation of mood boards, which Crawford says are “an important part of Hearst’s creative process”.

Light wood panelling has been combined with black furniture, grey sofas and light-coloured walls, throughout the office, and lots of plants have been introduced.

Crawford says the studio has aimed to use colours that are “timeless, bright and sophisticated” and to bring a “residential quality” to the space, creating a “calming” atmosphere.

As well as traditional signage, digital signs are used in the building, which Crawford says allows Hearst to choose whether to keep a space neutral or add “brand specific personality” when needed.

“If Elle was hosting an event, for example, the space can be transformed to highlight the colours, tone and feel of their brand,” he says.

Key design features include a plaque wall, with the branding of each of Hearts’s publications engraved on a plaque, as well as “portal” corridors.

“The portal has a mesh display grid which has been created for brainstorming sessions,” Crawford says. “Notes can be hung, materials can be displayed, and styling of outfits can be hung on wall space.”

Hearst’s “H” logo appears throughout the building in various forms, for example, made out of lights inside an infinity mirror.

A library has been filled with back-copies of Hearst publications and competitors titles and also contains digital content, as the company takes steps to become paperless.

Hearst UK has now moved into its new office.

Source: Design Week

Whether you’re working on a product packaging design, a greeting card, or even a website background, incorporating one of these line patterns and textures can help you achieve a pro result.

No need to spend hours of your valuable time searching for beautiful line patterns. We scoured the web to find the best line patterns and textures to help you get a headstart with your design process.

This collection includes both free patterns and premium items from Envato Elements(where you get unlimited downloads for a single price). Have a look and see if you can find a pattern suitable for your project.

Irregular Rounded Lines Texture Backgrounds

Irregular Rounded Lines Backgrounds

This is a bundle of stylish background textures that feature various designs of rounded line patterns. These are ideal for crafting a background for a website, landing page, or even a social media page. The backgrounds are available in 4500 x 3000 resolution.

Perspective Motion Lines Texture Backgrounds

Perspective Motion Lines Backgrounds

This collection of creative background textures feature 10 unique images in 5000 x 3333 resolution. Each background features a stylish design with perspective motion lines design. The backgrounds are available in JPG and editable AI file formats as well.

Old School Colored Lines Texture Backgrounds

Old School Colored Lines Backgrounds

A set of groovy background textures featuring old-school line designs. These backgrounds give out a retro 80s vibe and they’re perfect for making app backgrounds, website backgrounds, CD covers, and much more.

Flat Vertical Motion Lines Texture Backgrounds

Flat Vertical Motion Lines Backgrounds

This bundle of line texture backgrounds comes with 10 unique backgrounds in JPG format. They also feature stylish line patterns with various designs and styles. The backgrounds are available in 5000 x 3333 resolution.

Topographic Styled Colorful Lines Textures

Topographic Styled Colorful Lines Textures

If you’re working on a creative poster, book cover, CD cover, or a banner design, this bundle of line textures will come in handy. It features 13 unique backgrounds featuring typographic map style patterns. The backgrounds are available in 4K resolution AI and EPS file formats.

Colorful Faded Lines Backgrounds

Colorful Faded Lines Backgrounds

Another bundle of colorful and stylish lines backgrounds with faded designs. This pack includes a set of 8 different backgrounds in 4K resolution. The backgrounds can be used with Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Designer, and Sketch.

Lines – Abstract Stripes Texture Backgrounds

Lines - Abstract Stripes Texture Backgrounds

This bundle comes with a set of unique lines backgrounds with striped designs. The pack includes 39 different background designs in various colors and 4500 x 3000 resolution.

Lines – Abstract Wavy Backgrounds Patterns

Lines - Abstract Wavy Backgrounds Patterns

Another pack of unique abstract line background patterns featuring stylish wavy designs. This collection includes 68 different backgrounds in 17 different color variations and in 4500 x 3000 resolution.

Lineswork – Handcrafted Line Patterns

Lineswork - Lines Work Patterns

This is a set of 3 unique handcrafted patterns. These can be used to design your own unique backgrounds and textures for packaging, book covers, posters, and much more. The patterns are available in 3 different styles as well.

10 Vintage Lines Textures and Patterns

10 Vintage Lines Textures and Patterns

This bundle includes 10 unique line patterns and textures featuring a design inspired by vintage artworks. The textures are available in PNG and EPS file formats and in 6000 x 4500 resolution.

Hand Illustrated Line Patterns

This is a pack of unique hand-drawn patterns that are suitable for many types of design work from creating book covers to product packaging designs and more. They will go along great with kids related products as well. The pack includes 3 different patterns, each with 2 variations.

Bold Patterns

This bundle comes with 20 seamless patterns with bold designs. There are several different line-based patterns included in this pack. The graphics are also available in AI, PSD, and PNG file formats.

Parallel Diagonal Color Lines Pattern

A colorful and high-quality pattern featuring a parallel line design, perfect for crafting backgrounds and greeting cards. This pattern is free to download and use with attribution.

Hand-Drawn Lines Patterns

A bundle full of stylish line patterns you can use with your various design projects. This pack comes with 40 different line patterns in EPS, AI, and PNG files formats. As shown in the promo image, these patterns will add more style to many kinds of products and designs.

Abstract Flat Line Shapes Backgrounds

If you’re looking for a background with a line pattern for your website or print design, this bundle has plenty of options for you. This pack includes 10 unique line pattern backgrounds in JPG format. The images are available in 5000 x 3333 resolution.

Minimal Pattern With Curvy Lines

This minimalist pattern features stylish curvy lines that will give your designs a bold and a modern look. You can use it to create website backgrounds, product packaging, and more. It’s free to download.

MALINA – 20 Seamless Patterns

Another set of high-quality hand-drawn patterns collection. These line patterns come in various styles and designs. The pack includes 20 unique patterns you can use with your design projects. They will especially look great with feminine designs.

Flat Irregular Rounded Lines Backgrounds

Another bundle of line pattern backgrounds. This pack features 10 beautiful backgrounds with rounded line patterns. You can use them as website backgrounds, blog headers, and many other design projects.

Monochromatic Lines And Dots Vector Pattern

If you’re working on a design that uses a dark color scheme, you can use these monochrome line patterns to create a unique background for your project. It includes 6 free monochrome patterns featuring lines, circles, dots, and more.

100 Line Patterns

This massive bundle of line patterns comes with 100 seamless patterns you can use for different types of designs. It includes many different styles of line patterns for crafting greeting cards, book covers, website backgrounds, product labels, and more.

Bold Patterns Volume II

This is the second edition of the bold patterns bundle. This pack also includes 20 unique seamless line patterns that feature several different unique designs. The patterns are also compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Yellow And White Stripes Pattern

A striped background will fit in with almost any type of a design. This free pattern can be used with various types of designs. If you have Illustrator, you can also edit the pattern to change its colors as well.

Simple Line Hand-Drawn Patterns

Another pack of hand drawn line patterns. This bundle comes with 40 unique patterns you can use with your package design, book covers, website backgrounds, and many other types of design work.

Geometric Minimal Patterns

A pack of 40 seamless line patterns featuring geometric shapes. In addition to line patterns, you’ll also find many other pattern styles in this pack, including circles, dots, crosses, and more. Surely you can use this pack with more than one design project.

Blue Line Pattern Set

This free patterns set includes 6 unique and colorful line patterns. These patterns are ideal for designing greeting cards and backgrounds. You can download them for free.

Black Ink Drawn Patterns

If you’re looking for a way to give your design project or your website a real natural hand-drawn look, this pattern will come in handy. This patterns pack includes 20 patterns that feature black ink drawn lines.

40 Line Geometric Patterns

Everything from designing fabrics to product labels and website backgrounds, this bundle of patterns can handle them all. This pack comes with 40 line-based geometric patterns that you can use with various types of design work.

Watercolor Abstract Summer Pattern

If you’re a fan of watercolor designs, you’re going to love this watercolor pattern. You can download and use it with your personal projects for free as long as you credit its author.

Geometric Hearts Seamless Patterns

Hearts not only come in different sizes but apparently they also come in different geometric shapes as well. This pack includes 10 line patterns that mimic the shape of a heart using geometric shapes. These patterns will definitely give your designs a unique look.

Layered Rounded Lines Backgrounds

A pack of unusual line patterns that are most suitable for using as your website or app background. The pack includes 10 pattern backgrounds that feature rounded lines in a layered design.

Colorful Line Art Pattern Set

This set of colorful line patterns include 6 different and stylish designs. The different styles of lines and shape patterns will give you plenty of choices to find the right pattern for your design.

Wavy Lines Tileable Backgrounds

Line textures come in different shapes. This pack includes line background textures in beautiful wavy forms. The textures in this pack are available in tiles. Which means you can use them to create seamless tileable backgrounds. The pack includes 5 patterns in 9 different color variations.

12 Seamless Textured Patterns

A pack of 12 textured line patterns you can use to create your own unique backgrounds for websites, product labels, greeting cards, book covers, and more. The pack includes patterns in both Black and Subtle White variations. The files are available in EPS, AI, PNG, and PSD, file formats.

Abstract Line Pattern With Stars

This free line pattern has a certain elegance to it. It features a star shape that’s quite mesmerizing to stare at. You can use it to create backgrounds for greeting cards, websites, and more.

Lines Work Patterns

A set of colorful and playful line patterns to use with your various design projects. The pack comes with 3 different pattern styles. They will fit in well with your kid’s related projects such as book covers and product packaging designs.

Abstract Flat Linear Waves Backgrounds

This is a pack of 10 stunning backgrounds that feature wavy line designs. You can use these backgrounds to add more style to your website backgrounds or even social media accounts.

Seamless Patterns Of Grey And Black Lines

This pattern is perfect for crafting a minimalist background for a website or an app. It features a seamless design with grey and black lines. You can download it for free.

Binary Patterns

If you’re working on a tech-related design project, this binary line patterns pack will prove useful. This pack includes 25 pattern designs featuring line-based binary style designs. You can use these to craft backgrounds, greeting cards, and presentation slides as well.

100 Tiles Patterns

This is a pack of vector-based Adobe Illustrator swatch patterns that you can use to create seamless backgrounds for various projects. It includes 100 different line patterns and comes in Photoshop format, EPS, and PNG formats as well.

Soft Lines Pattern

You can immediately see a product packaging or a greeting card design when you look at this pattern. This pattern is free to download. Use it to craft your own background design.

Striped Checkered Pattern

A set of basic line-based striped and checkered patterns. This set includes 3 different patterns you can use for free with your various design projects.

40 Photoshop Seamless Patterns

A set of 40 simple line patterns available as a Photoshop pattern file. You can download the pattern file for free and use its various line patterns to create your own backgrounds, frames, and more.


Source: Design Shack

It might be one of the best public relations moves in the design world. Pantone releases an annual color of the year that sets the tone for color trends for a 12-month cycle.

This year’s selection – Living Coral – is representative of many of the color trends we’ve seen heading into 2019. Bright hues are a popular choice and this color is certainly a bright option.

Here’s a look at Living Coral and how the color – and similar colors – as inspiration for using the color (or not) in design projects this year.

About Living Coral

pantone color 2019

Pantone calls Living Coral an “animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”

What’s nice about the selection is that it tends to fall in line with many current color trends and will blend well in gradients, as a bright background (that’s something other than blue) or as an accent color. While it has a somewhat feminine feel, this color can be a rather versatile option that’s just a bit softer than red or orange, but more vibrant than pink.

Here’s what Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, has to say about the color selection: “Color is an equalizing lends through which we experience our natural and digital realities and this is particularly true for Living Coral. With consumers craving human interaction and social connection, the humanizing and heartening qualities displayed by the convivial Pantone Living Coral his a responsive chord.”

In essence, the color is a simple, visual representation of the state of our design and marketing universe. Everything Eiseman says echoes that fact.

Color Swatches

  • Pantone: 16-1546
  • RGB: 255-109-112
  • CMYK: 0-59-50-0
  • HEX: ff6d70

Pantone made Adobe files available for download using Living Coral.

Color Meanings

When it comes to color meanings and associations coral can be connected to orange or pink hues. It’s a little of both.

Coral is a pink-orange that feels fresh and invigorating. It’s rather dynamic and can pull from colors around it. Most often you’ll find coral with bright white or an oceanic blue for a lighter tone.

To pull back the vibrancy and lightness of the color (and keep it from feeling quite as feminine), it can be paired with gray or neutral palettes.

Color meanings include:

  • Light, bright, vibrant, feminine (especially light or muted corals)
  • More orange corals: Soothing, trendy, energetic
  • More pink corals: Compassion, playful, sweet

Here’s how Pantone describes this color: “Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature. In its glorious, yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the sea, this vivifying and effervescent color mesmerizes the eye and mind. Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, Pantone Living Coral is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color.”

How to Use Living Coral in Print and Web Design Projects

Let’s dive straight into some great examples of this color being used in action:

pantone color 2019
pantone color 2019
pantone color 2019
pantone color 2019
pantone color 2019
pantone color 2019
pantone color 2019

While Living Coral is associated with a natural element, it’s not a hue that creates an immediate connection with nature. But it is the color of coral in the sea (where it gets its name) and mimics the color of a “red” sky at dusk and dawn.

What’s nice about this tie to nature is that it’s a color that blends with other hues exceptionally well.

Use Living Coral with other bright colors or contrast it with a deep blue or green. It’s more versatile than you might think and renders nicely on printed and screen-based elements.

Best uses of coral:

  • As one color in a gradient background
  • In images, particularly of the sky or with ocean scenes to show the natural use
  • As a text or user interface accent
  • For a call to action button
  • As a color overlay on an image or for text elements

Inspiration from the Design Shack Gallery

Future Comes

pantone color 2019


pantone color 2019

Ester Digital

pantone color 2019

Sister Agency

pantone color 2019

Makers and Allies

pantone color 2019


pantone color 2019

Last 5 Colors of the Year

  • 2018: Ultra Violet, 18-3838
  • 2017: Greenery, 15-0343
  • 2016, Rose Quartz, 13-1520, and Serenity, 15-3919
  • 2015: Marsala, 18-1438
  • 2014: Radiant Orchid, 18-3224


Now that you’ve had a good look at Living Coral do you think it is something you can use in projects? Or is it just too much of a gimmick?

I’ll admit to being rather skeptical at first, but the more projects and places I saw it in use, the more Living Coral grew on me. I especially love it in the Lab branding example above and when paired with a light blue or dark color gradient.

It’s much more versatile than I imagined and trying it takes me out of my comfort zone just a bit. That’s a great design challenge for me personally in 2019.

Source: Design Shack

The in-house design team at ITV has curated a year-long project, which will see different artists, designers and photographers reinterpret the TV channel’s branding.

ITV has launched a year-long creative initiative, which will see 52 artists create animated versions of its logo that will appear on its main TV channel as idents.

The project, called ITV Creates, will see a range of creative people, including graphic designers, illustrators, photographers and artists, reinterpret the ITV logo in physical form. These will then be animated by ITV Creative, the channel’s in-house agency, and each one will run on TV for a week throughout 2019.

It has been organised by ITV Creative alongside independent artistic director Charlie Levine, who have collaboratively sourced the 52 artists that will take part in the project.

Idents that “live in the real world”

by Katrina Russell Adams

Tony Pipes, executive creative director at ITV Creative, says the brief given to the artists was “quite open”, with the only restrictions being that their artworks needed to be made from physical objects before being animated, and that they should be based on ITV’s typographic logo.

The 52-week-long creative project aims to express the channel’s new brand message of “more than TV”, Pipes says.

“The pieces should be able to live in the real world, beyond their on-air presence and touch an audience in different ways,” he adds.

The artists work across different visual arts disciplines and are from a “diverse range of backgrounds”, says ITV, including both up-and-coming and established creatives.

“Creative organisations can often be insular, so we wanted to open the door and look out, to make our palette richer and the adventure more exciting,” says Pipes. “We wanted it to reflect how ITV opens the door to different writers, directors and performers.”

The idents are being produced throughout 2019. Currently, the first eight idents have been made, which will run throughout January and February.

Project launches with photographer Ravi Deepres

by Ravi Deepres

The first ident comes from artist, photographer and film-maker Ravi Deepres, who has used still and moving photography of landscapes and cityscapes to overlay the ITV logo.

Another two artists who are set to appear in the first eight weeks include Mark Titchner and James Brunt. Titchner has used sound and vibration to reinterpret the logo, while Brunt has used natural material he collected from forests, then later returned, to inform the shapes and colours of his logo.

The project will also see a month dedicated to student artists, whereby ITV Creative will work with universities across the UK to source talent, in a bid to give young artists “opportunities”, says ITV.

Ever-changing on-air look

by James Alec Hardy

Pipes says that the year-long project aims to challenge the idea that TV idents should stay consistent for a long time.

“Idents have traditionally just been used as markers, a moving wallpaper that stays the same on air for years,” he says. “We wanted to break this mould and create something that is always changing. We thought — why not use air-time as an opportunity to showcase talent from the creative community?”

ITV Creative has also tweaked its broadcast logo, working with design studio DBLG. The wordmark is the same, but it now has a cut-out appearance made from three, coloured layers, helping it appear more physical.

ITV’s creative project follows suit with other broadcasters revamping their on-screen branding and idents in recent years. This includes Channel 4, which launched a deconstructed version of its classic Lambie-Nairn-designed logo in 2015, completed by the channel’s in-house team, 4Creative, alongside DBLG. A more recent example is BBC Two, which launched its first rebrand in 20 years in 2018, alongside a new set of animated idents that also opted for a more tactile, physical look.

ITV Creates has now launched with Ravi Deepres’ artwork. Each ident will run on-air for one week, on ITV’s main broadcast channel.

By James Brunt
by Sutapa Biswas
by Patricia Volk

Industrial designer Tom Karen and set designer Bunny Christie are among those to appear in the Queen’s List, which recognises “outstanding achievements” of people across the UK.

Designers, artists and people working in the creative industries are among those who have been named in The New Year’s Honours list 2019.

Industrial designer Tom Karen has received an OBE for services to design. Karen, who is now 92 was born in 1926 in Vienna and raised in Brno in Czechoslovakia, where he remained until 1939. He came to England in 1942 studying aeronautical engineering at Loughborough University before becoming a British citizen.

In an illustrious career which began in the 1950s Karen has designed cars, products and toys. Standout projects include the Bond Bug – a three wheeled, two-seater car with space-age looks, which ran on a 750cc engine.

This led to Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder being designed by Karen around the chassis of the Bond Bug for the first Star Wars film, released in 1977.

He designed another signature of the 1970s, the Raleigh Chopper, a bicycle adopted by 1000s of teenagers who took to its unique design – high wide handlebars and an oversize seat. It originally came as a single speed, three or five gear bike.

Then there’s children’s game marble run, the Bush TR130 radio and several lorry cabs for Leyland among many other projects.

Karen worked at the Ford design studio in 1955 before joining Hotpoint and Philips, where he set up their studio for white goods. He joined Ogle Design in 1962 as managing director and chief designer and it was here that he designed the Bond Bug and Landspeeder.

Bunny Christie

Production and set designer Bunny Christie has received an OBE for services to theatre. Born in St Andrews, Scotland in 1962, Christie studied at Central Saint Martins in London.

Her award-winning set designs include The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time and A Streetcar Named Desire. She mainly works in London but also the rest of the UK, Europe and the US.

Recently she designed the set for Julius Ceaser at The Bridge Theatre, London, creating an immersive space in the round. Christie is now working on A Midsummer Nights Dream, which launches in June at the same theatre.

She has designed many opera sets, such as Medea at ENO for David McVicar, which will be performed in Geneva, Switzerland this year. Christie has also worked in film, including Kenneth Branagh’s Oscar-nominated short film Swan Song.

Meanwhile other figures from the arts and creative industries have received honours.


Ian Craig Blatchford, director, Science Museum Group. For services to Cultural Education.

OBE – Commanders of the Order of the British Empire

Christopher Bailey-Woods MBE, president and lately Chief Creative Officer, Burberry. For services to Fashion.

Tacita Dean OBE, artist. For services to Art

John Ward Pawson, architectural designer. For services to Design and Architecture.

Yinka Shonibare MBE, artist. For services to Art.

Mustafa Suleyman. For services to the UK Technology Industry.

Gillian Claire Wearing OBE, artist. For services to Art.

OBE – Officers of the Order of the British Empire

Professor Sonia Boyce MBE, artist. For services to Art.

Professor Anne Carlisle, vice-chancellor, Falmouth University. For services to Higher Education in Cornwall.

Stephen Alan Coleman, chief executive officer, CodeBase. For services to technology entrepreneurship.

Caroline Ingrid Collier, director of partnerships and programmes, Tate. For services to Galleries, Museums and the Arts in the UK.

Malcolm Arthur Colson Hay, curator, Parliamentary Art Collection. For services to Parliament’s Art and Heritage.

Andrew Colin Nairne. For services to Museums and the Arts.

Cornelius Michael O’Connor, deputy director, National Army Museum. For services to Military Heritage.

Christopher Barry Riddell, illustrator. For services to Illustration and charity.

OBE – Members of the Order of the British Empire

Dr Adrian Bowyer, inventor. For services to 3D Printing.

David Griffiths. For services to Art, particularly Portrait Painting.

Barbara Walker. For services to British Art.

Elizabeth Ann Weir. For services to the Arts and Education.

Daniel Lloyd Taylor. For services to Business Design and Workplace Diversity.


Source: Design Shack

One of the most important early design decisions you will make is what kind of background will carry a project. Should it be a single color, colorless, use trendy elements such as geometric shapes, gradients or wood grain patterns? Or would a solid background design can help make a project shine?

Staying on trend with background design styles is important as well. A trendy background choice shows that a website design is modern and the content is new. A modern visual framework can even signal a user that you are thinking about their needs and making the most of the tools that will make their experience better.

So how do you do it? Here’s a look at ten background design trends and styles for 2019, with a great option to try from each style.

Color Block Layers

background design trends

Color blocking has been a design trend that transcends disciplines. You’ll find it in fashion, home décor and website design.

What’s great about this style for design backgrounds is that it can be bright, and with layering, visually interesting. It works with a variety of color palettes – which can be great for brands – and doesn’t create a background that’s overly complex or difficult to achieve.

Use a color-blocked layer with a bright or light background and then add second “background” in another color. You can see this in the portfolio website example above with a white background and then individual elements in blue boxes.

One To Try

background design trends

Qusq Pro is a WordPress theme that features a color block theme with layering.

Flat Color

background design trends

One of the parts of flat design tat’s never really gone away are the colors of the style. These colors are coming back around as background colors.

Not only is the style to use bolder hues for the background, but to use them in a way that’s flat. No gradients, no variation, just a solid color background in a single hue.

These backgrounds often have realistic layers on top and sometimes a border or another background behind them to create depth. (You can see this full effect from the example above with white edging around a beige background with an image on top.)

One To Try

background design trends

Color Palettes Vol 2 includes plenty of hues that are perfect for bright backgrounds. And each one exemplifies the flat color background trend.


background design trends

Full illustrated backgrounds are a trending style. Whether you create or commission a custom illustration, use a premade design or piece something together from a scene creator kit, these styles can be intricate, detailed and very interesting.

The things that’s particularly nice about an illustration is that it can be attention grabbing and memorable. The thing that’s difficult about an illustration is that these background designs can be rather busy, and you’ll have to carefully plan placement and style of other elements.

The solution used by Fixate, above, is a good one with a full-screen background illustration with an area cut out of text elements. It’s busy, but visually interesting and easy to read.

One To Try

background design trends

World Cities Flat Line Color Headers is a set of city-scape illustrations that can make a great background starter. When picking an illustrated background, look for something that creates a connection to the content on your website.

Geometric Shapes

background design trends

Circles, polygons and other geometric elements are a big part of background design in 2019.

The shapes can be reminiscent of childhood or just a fun alternative to all the flat, single color backgrounds that had been previously trending. For a modern flair on geometry, stick to a monotone color palette and use elements with a lot of contrast to make the most of the background.

These background styles can be somewhat flashy, such as the example above, or include a muted color palette with subtle geometric undertones.

One To Try

background design trends

Linear Shadow Backgrounds includes 10 large and small geo (or poly) shapes with fun colors and gradients.

Line Patterns

background design trends

From subtle curves to bold strokes, line patterns are growing in popularity as a background design element.

What makes lines work is that they mean something. The best line patterns help draw the user into the design and lead the eye to other visual elements, such as the custom line pattern in the example above.

Line patterns can be large or tiny, and both can be effective depending on the goals of your project.

One To Try

background design trends

Engraved Vector Patterns includes 16 repeat patterns for backgrounds. The kit includes almost any line style you might like with straight lines, blocks and curved lines. (Repeating patterns are nice because you don’t have to worry about “seams” where patterns meet.)


background design trends

Surprisingly, watercolor backgrounds tend to evoke a lot of response from designers – they either love or hate them.

Many associate watercolor elements with a more feminine tone, such as the example above, but they don’t have to be. Use a neutral watercolor to add depth or balance to a background.

Watercolor backgrounds can mimic elements that are painted or just include lines and swirls of “paint.”

One To Try

background design trends

Pale Watercolor Backgrounds is a great kit of PNG files because the colors work with almost any other design scheme. Using pale pastels, these elements include depth for the background and almost fade away at the same time.


background design trends

If you are at all like me, then you are one of those designers that truly has a love affair with gradients. (I can’t get enough of them.)

This trend is so flexible with background gradients that are only color, background gradients that overlay an image or video or even animated background gradients that change color or seem to float across the design.

With so many options, it’s almost certain that you can find a workable solution that works with your color palette and design scheme.

One To Try

background design trends

If you build in Sketch, 75 Gradient Backgrounds includes everything you need with plenty of subtle fades and great color combinations.

Bubbles and Blobs

background design trends

While bubbles and blobs might resemble geometric shapes, they are often different in that many of these elements include some motion and the shapes are rather imperfect.

This trend trends to work in two ways as a background element:

  • As an actual background with bubble or blob shaped elements that are there only for visual interest or to add a little color to the overall design.
  • As a “foreground” background element, such as the example above. Bubbles and blobs are often moving shapes that float up through the design to create a more layered effect but are “background elements” because they serve no functional role other than to help grab user attention.

One To Try

background design trends

Vintage Bubble Backgrounds has a true-to-life bubble style appeal, with 10 faded bubble images.

Abstract Shapes

background design trends

There are plenty of shapes and designs that make beautiful backgrounds, but don’t fall into any one category. All of these elements can be classified under the catch-all “abstract” category.

Abstract background elements are there purely for visual interest. They can create a focal point near an element that users need to see, develop a sense of space and depth or just provide a layer for other elements to sit on.

While abstract background are a “rule less” design, it is good to have some organization and sense of pattern when working with them so that the design does not leave users with a chaotic vibe.

One To Try

background design trends

Abstract Striped Backgrounds includes a set of 10 images in different colors with depth of field.

Wood Grain

background design trends

Wood grain backgrounds are popular when it comes to product photography and scene style designs.

Both work well with this element because the wood grain background provides a natural setting that isn’t flat. It’s interesting, but not overwhelming. It provides an interesting location to help bring focus to the thing sitting on the background.

To make the most of wood grain styles, try to match the coloring of wood to foreground elements and look for planks that are wide or thin based on foreground elements as well. Try to avoid elements that fall into the “cracks” between planks.

One To Try

background design trends

Wooden Backgrounds includes 10 different options with color and lighting changes with images that are more than 3,000 pixels wide.

White and Gray

background design trends

Light colored – white and gray – backgrounds are a trend that continues to hang on. Mostly derived from the minimalism trend, these backgrounds are simple and easy on the user. They provide ample space and contrast for other elements on the screen.

Most white and gray backgrounds have some element of texture, such as a pale gradient, use of shadows to create separation with foreground elements or some sort of overall pattern or texture.

One To Try

background design trends

Showcase Backgrounds includes 12 background images with a light color scheme with only white a pale gray, making these a perfect fade-into-the-distance design option.


Change up an old design with a new background. Something as simple as changing the look of the design canvas can totally refresh a project.

Look for something with a touch of trendiness to add a more modern touch to your design.

Source: Design Shack

Christmas is on the way! Whether you’re designing festive party flyers, looking for Christmas mockups, or a holiday icon set, we have a great collection for you today!

We’ve pulled together a fantastic collection of Christmas flyers and templates, mock-ups, icons, vectors, and much more. Some of them are completely free, some cost a few dollars, but all of them will get you in the festive spirit. Have fun looking through this selection of resources, and we hope you find a few that help out with your holiday design work!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Banners

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Banners

This is a collection of vector banners you can use to design different types of Christmas and New Year’s creations, promotions, and branding materials. The pack includes 5 gorgeous designs in AI, EPS, PDF, and JPG formats.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Cards & Graphics Bundle

Christmas Cards & Graphics Bundle

A massive bundle of Christmas vectors. It comes with 66 modern and creative Christmas card templates, 20 vector Christmas gift tags, and 16 logo templates, all packed into one download.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Wreath Creator

Christmas Wreath Creator

With this unique graphics pack, you’ll be able to create your own stylish Christmas wreaths by yourself. It comes with 22 wreaths, 2 bows, and 3 ribbons, all as separate elements you can drag around to create beautiful Christmas wreaths.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Vector Elements Toolkit

Christmas Vector Elements Toolkit

A Christmas design toolkit for designing creative Christmas designs. This bundle comes with more than 100 elements you can use to create your own beautiful Christmas cards, banners, posters, and flyers. It also includes 4 premade Christmas card templates.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Scene Creator

Christmas Scene Creator

This is a collection of isolated Christmas-themed elements you can use to create your own unique Christmas scenes for various designs projects. The bundle includes 32 Christmas elements, 5 premade PSD scenes, and 6 backgrounds.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Hand Drawn Santa Claus Illustrations

Hand Drawn Santa Clause Illustrations

A collection of cute and adorable Santa Claus illustrations you can use to design unique Christmas cards, banners, and flyers. It includes 13 different Santa illustrations with various poses in PNG and AI file formats.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Watercolor Christmas Florals Collection

Watercolor Christmas Florals Collection

A beautiful collection of Christmas florals featuring watercolor designs. All of the illustrations in this pack are hand-drawn to add a more authentic look to your Christmas cards, posters, and banner designs.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Overlays, Cliparts, & Graphics Bundle

Christmas Overlays, Cliparts, & Graphics Bundle

Another big bundle of Christmas graphics. It includes many creative photo overlays, Christmas photos, cliparts, lettering, and lots of isolated objects for crafting unique Christmas designs.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

White Christmas – Scene Creator

White Christmas - Scene Creator

If you’re planning on updating your website and social media page covers with a creative Christmas-themed design or even creating a unique scene to showcase your products, this bundle will come in handy. It includes 30 different Christmas elements that you can rearrange however you like to create beautiful Christmas scenes.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Merry Christmas – Handdrawn Lettering Objects

Merry Christmas - Handdrawn Lettering Objects

This is a collection of unique Christmas-themed objects. It comes with a total of 43 items in EPS, SVG, and PNG formats. You can use them to create unique greeting cards, packaging designs, flyers, and much more.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Santa Claus – Christmas Vector Collection

Santa Claus - Christmas Vector Collection

Looking for a cute Santa Claus to include in your new advertisements, promotions, and designs? With this pack of vector illustrations, you’ll have plenty of choices.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Mock Up Photos Collection

Christmas Mock Up Photos Collection

This bundle includes 21 unique mockup templates for Christmas-themed items, such as packaging, greeting cards, and much more. The templates are available in easily customizable PSD files.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Merry Christmas Backgrounds

Merry Christmas Backgrounds

A beautiful and a customizable Christmas background you can use to create a website header, social media cover, and product showcase. The background is available in an Illustrator file you can edit to change colors and text.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Outline Icons Pack

Christmas Outline Icons Pack

This is a pack of Christmas icons featuring 25 colorful icons with many common Christmas items. You can use it to create unique greeting cards, social media posts, ads, promotions, and more.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

85 Hand-Dawn Christmas Elements & Wreaths

85 Hand-Dawn Christmas Elements & Wreaths

This massive bundle of Christmas elements includes lots of useful items you can use to create greeting cards, posters, flyers, and more. It comes with 85 customizable Christmas wreaths, illustrations, and tons of other items.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

6 Vector Christmas Backgrounds

6 Vector Christmas Backgrounds

A collection of vector background textures for customizing your Christmas-themed designs. This pack includes 6 unique backgrounds with hand-drawn designs.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas and New Year’s Greeting Cards Collection

Christmas and New Year’s Greeting Cards Collection

This bundle comes with 72 unique greeting card templates for creating cards for both Christmas and New Year’s. The templates are available in high-resolution and can be customized using Illustrator.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

52 Christmas Overlays & Vector Set

52 Christmas Overlays & Vector Set

Another bundle full of hand-drawn Christmas overlays and vector elements. This pack 13 unique designs in 4 different color schemes. All of the designs are available in editable AI, EPS, and PSD file formats.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Sales Banner Collection

Christmas Sales Banner Collection

Working on a promotional banner for a Christmas sale? Then you can download this pack of sales banner templates to quickly design a promotional advertisement for your business. It includes 6 different template designs.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Sharp Badges

Christmas Sharp Badges

A collection of colorful and creative Christmas badges. These will come in handy when designing greeting cards, social media posts, and many other types of promotional material.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Social Media Posts

Christmas Social Media Posts

No need to hire designers to create Christmas-themed posts for your social media promotions, simply use these templates. This bundle includes 20 editable templates for creating different kinds of posts for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

X-Mas Seamless Patterns Set

Xmas Seamless Patterns Set

This collection of patterns include 12 seamless patterns featuring Christmas-themed designs. These are ideal for creating backgrounds for greeting cards, posters, flyers, and packaging.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

75 Christmas Cliparts

75 Christmas Cliparts

A bundle of creative Christmas cliparts featuring many different types of designs and illustrations. It includes 75 cliparts in vector format you can use with both print and digital designs.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Cards Mega Set

No need to go shopping for Christmas cards or New Year’s cards. With this massive pack of Christmas cards templates, you can print your own unique cards to send to your friends and family. It includes 78 Christmas and New Year’s greeting cards templates.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Vibes – 33 Elements and Graphics

This is a special bundle full of various Christmas themed elements including different types of graphics and illustrations. As a bonus, you will also get 2 beautiful print-ready Christmas greeting card templates as well.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Santa Claus Flyer

Are you working on promoting a special Christmas event? This cool flyer template will help you with the marketing process. You can easily edit and customize this A4 sized template to design a flyer to promote your holiday events.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

50 Flat Christmas Icons

Whether you’re designing graphics for a website, social media posts, flyers, or greeting cards, this pack of Christmas icons has got 50 beautiful graphics that will add a great festive look to your designs.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Flyer Template

Another Christmas flyer template for promoting events, parties, and concerts. It includes both Photoshop and Illustrator formats, which allows you to freely edit and customize the template to your preference.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

48 Christmas Doodles

Easily design your own flyers, greeting cards, and social media posts using these gorgeous Christmas doodles. This pack comes with 48 unique vector doodles you can use with your designs.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Retro Christmas Flyer Template

Another Christmas flyer that features a trendy retro design. It’s perfect for promoting holiday sales, concerts, parties, and various other events. The flyer template comes to you in both Illustrator and Photoshop file formats.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Graphics Bundle Gold Edition

This one is a mixed bundle of Christmas resources. This special pack includes 32 Christmas icons, 13 Christmas labels, 8 postcard templates, 10 patterns, 15 handwritten Christmas inscriptions, and more.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Premium Vector Christmas Collection

Design your own Christmas related graphics and greetings using this pack of vector illustrations. The pack comes with 50 premium Christmas illustrations in AI, EPS, and PSD file formats.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Vintage Christmas Kit

This bundle of Christmas illustrations features a vintage and a retro look. You can use them to design greeting cards, social media posts, and more with a classical design. It includes 17 different elements and 2 Christmas themed backgrounds.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Patterns & Illustrations

A set of 6 unique Christmas patterns and illustrations for crafting festive website headers, social media posts, and greeting cards. The files are available in JPG, PNG, and EPS formats.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Character Creator

This is a fun pack of elements that allows you to create your own Christmas themed characters. You can create Santas, reindeers, elves and more by combining different elements from the pack.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

66 Christmas Patterns & Graphics

Another mixed pack of Christmas themed patterns and graphics. You can use these to design greeting cards, website backgrounds, flyers, and more.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Vibes Flyer Template

This Christmas flyer template is perfect for promoting your holiday parties, DJ events, dance events, and more. The PSD format templates can be easily customized to change colors and rearrange elements as well.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

100 Christmas Doodle Icons

A big pack of 100 doodle style Christmas elements. You can use these to style your websites, design greeting cards, flyers, and do much more. The icons are available in EPS, PNG, AI, and SVG file formats.

  • Price: Envato Elements Subscription

Christmas Bundle


This is a massive bundle that includes dozens of Christmas cards, text effects, Christmas photo cards, elements, and holiday flyer templates worth of $78, all in a 500mb pack for just $19.

  • Price: $19

Rustic Christmas Megapack


With over 125 Christmas elements and 16 background patterns, this pack will provide you with everything you need to craft all sorts of Christmas related designs.

  • Price: $25

Christmas & New Year Flyer Bundle


This 5-in-1 flyer bundle comes with five beautiful Christmas flyer designs and a new year flyer design, all in 4×6 size.

  • Price: $16

The Christmas Mockup BUNDLE


A bundle of 7 modern and minimalist Christmas-themed mockups for showcasing your artworks and products. It includes 3 frame mockups for US size frames (8×10″), 2 front view stock photos, and 2 overhead flat lay stock photos.

  • Price: $35

Holiday & Christmas bundle


Featuring 18 stunning character illustrations, 30 floral elements, 10 festive borders, 26 decorative goodies, and much more, the Holiday & Christmas bundle will definitely bring out the joy in your designs.

  • Price: $25

Christmas Set

Basic RGB

This pack includes plenty of beautiful Christmas icons and elements, which you can use to design all sorts of Christmas themed banners, cards, and more.

  • Price: $8

Christmas Assets & Mockups


This massive bundle contains 106 Christmas asset photos, 13 greeting card mockups, 10 device and frame mockups, 26 3D rendered text, hero images, and much more.

  • Price: $24

Merry Christmas greetings & doodles


In addition to 50 adorable doodles, this Christmas pack includes 13 greeting card templates, 3 patterns, and an Advent calendar.

  • Price: $14

Polar Bears, Christmas illustrations


Polar bears make everything look adorable. This bundle features 8 cute polar bear characters, 12 greeting cards, 3 patterns, 7 labels, and more.

  • Price: $12

Christmas & New Year’s Icons


This pack comes with 75 Christmas and 55 New Year’s icons, all hand-drawn. Each icon in the bundle is available in 4 different graphic styles.

  • Price: $32

Christmas Illustrations toolkit


This cute Christmas bundle includes 16 character illustrations featuring a Dog, Santa, Bear, Penguin, and more. It also includes 40 Christmas items, 10 hand-drawn decorative elements, and many others.

  • Price: $9

Hand-drawn Christmas Tree elements


This hand-drawn pack includes over 30 different Christmas tree elements, shapes, and icons in vector and PNG formats.

  • Price: $6

Christmas Characters Set

Basic RGB

Create your own unique Christmas story with this creative Christmas characters set, which comes with over 30 different elements.

  • Price: $8

Noël Christmas Collection


Noël Christmas Collection takes an interesting approach to Christmas design. Instead of the predictable Red-colored Christmas designs, this collection adds a whimsical look to all of its 180 items.

  • Price: $25

Christmas Birds & Flowers Vectors


This set features 58 different Christmas clipart elements including a cardinal bird, a chickadee bird, poinsettias, flowers, leaves, a pine cone, and a whole lot more.

  • Price: $6

Hand Drawn Christmas Quotes in Shapes


These stylish Christmas quotes will fit in nicely with your Christmas card designs or flyer designs. The pack contains 5 hand-drawn quotes in shapes.

  • Price: $12

Christmas Wreath & Frame Collection


This pack includes 25 designs of Christmas wreath and frames. Perfect for designing Christmas related invitations, newsletters, cards, and stationery.

  • Price: $12

Watercolor Christmas Clipart


In this bundle, you’ll get over 100 Christmas elements, 5 Christmas card designs, and 2 seamless patterns, all in one affordable pack.

  • Price: $9

Christmas cards set


No need to design your own Christmas cards. This pack includes 20 card templates for both Christmas and New Year.

  • Price: $25

Hand Drawn Christmas Badges

  • Price: Free

White Christmas Badges

  • Price: Free

Merry Christmas Poster

  • Price: Free

Dark Blue Christmas Background

  • Price: Free

Retro Christmas Badges

  • Price: Free

Hand Painted Christmas Tree

  • Price: Free

Watercolor Christmas Card

  • Price: Free

Christmas Card with Red Ribbon

  • Price: Free

Retro Christmas Party Label

  • Price: Free

Cute Christmas Party Flyer

  • Price: Free

Green Christmas Background with Baubles

  • Price: Free

Christmas Card in Watercolor Style

  • Price: Free

Boxing Day Sales Labels

  • Price: Free

Striped Christmas Flyer

  • Price: Free

Christmas Greeting Card with Garlands

  • Price: Free

Christmas Party Invitation Template


Christmas party invitation with ribbons, stars and flowers. Two different color variations included – beige and green.

  • Price: $6

Christmas Party Invitation Flyer


You can use this template for your home party or club party to invite friends, relatives and other people. Easy to edit the text and font.

  • Price: $6

Big Christmas Medallion Collection


This big collection is all you need to make all of your Christmas and winter holidays stationery. A total of 113 + 2 hand painted watercolor elements, patterns and backgrounds – all in co-ordinating colors and high quality.

  • Price: $25

Christmas Party Flyer


The PSD file is very well organized in folders and layers. You can modify everything very easyily. Changing the color style, pictures and the typo is no problem. The main folders that will require most customization are highlighted in different colors.

  • Price: $9

Christmas Party Flyer Template


This Christmas party flyer template is very modern PSD (Photoshop) flyer that will give the perfect promotion for your upcoming event or nightclub party coming up on Holidays of Christmas and New Year. All elements are in separate layers and text is editable.

  • Price: $7

Christmas Design Elements Kit


Cute doodle Christmas design kit. The elements are very easy to combine and will help you in making your own designs.

  • Price: $18

Seamless Christmas Patterns


Perfect for making invites, invitation cards, and much more. The pack includes 6 PNG files (1000 x 1000 px) with transparent background so you can easily pick your own color to match with your project. The design is for your personal use or small crafts business.

  • Price: $5

Christmas Holiday Vintage Florals


Our Christmas Holiday Floral Clipart set includes 40 PNG files with transparent backgrounds, 40 JPG files with white backgrounds and 1 Adobe Illustrator vector file containing all 40 images in vector format. The PNGs and JPGs are 300DPI and approximately 10 inches at their widest point.

  • Price: $6

Christmas Invitations


This collection is perfect for printed paper products, handmade craft items and web design. You can use these invites for a number of purposes and occasions on Christmas.

  • Price: $6

Watercolour Christmas Set


A beautiful set of Christmas Holiday watercolor designs, background and patterns to decorate your holiday projects! Use them in personal craft or in small business as a part of your own creative composition. Product contains ZIP folder with high quality PNG and JPEG clip art pictures.

  • Price: $6

Retro Christmas Illustrations


Authentic, 1940s and 1950s Christmas illustrations scanned in high resolution. Carefully checked for copyright, thoroughly restored and ready for you to use for all kinds of personal and commercial design projects.

  • Price: $28

Christmas-Holiday Photo Overlays


Christmas and holiday overlays with hand drawn and textured greetings and distressed textures.

  • Price: $10

Christmas Seamless Patterns


18 Christmas digital papers in red and white colors. Each pattern is seamless and can be tiled seamlessly in any directions. JPG files at high resolution with 300 DPI. Vector files can be resized without losing quality and can be recolored easily.

  • Price: $7

Christmas Eve Digital Papers


Twelve beautifully designed digital papers, saved as 300 DPI, 12 x 12 inches JPEG. You can use these backgrounds for your next Christmas based design projects.

  • Price: $8

Christmas Watercolors Based Elements


50 elements (JPG on white background, 300 dpi). 20 different individual branches (12 branches of pine, 2 holly, mistletoe bush 1, 2 bumps, 3 branches with red berries + some red berries). 2 glasses of mulled wine (+ 2 empty glass glasses). Spicy ingredients for mulled wine (2 apples, ginger, cloves, anise, 3 orange slices50, vanilla, cinnamon). Sweets (biscuits in the shape of stars, cookies with chocolate, marshmallows, candy stick, cookies).

  • Price: $20

Christmas Vector Elements


This pack is filled with icons, labels and many design elements based on Christmas format. All elements are organized by layers. It’s easy to hide or move any element.

  • Price: $6

Christmas Wreaths Clipart


Hand painted wreaths and other floral elements are the perfect illustration for your Christmas cards, Christmas tags and other your Holiday ideas.

  • Price: $10

Christmas Lights Decorations Set


Set of 11 vector brushes festive strands of Christmas lights makes it quick and easy to customize your holiday projects. These can be used on illustrations, cards and almost any similar design formats.

  • Price: $8

Licorice Christmas Watercolor Kit


This set includes 37 high-quality elements, that will be very helpful in creating gift cards, apparel prints, posters, presentations and so much more.

  • Price: $19

Christmas Flyers Bundle


These beautiful Christmas flyer templates are very easy to customise. All of the elements are isolated on different layers and the text is fully editable for each flyer and facebook cover. So you can use the fonts we suggest or use your own if you wish.

  • Price: $9

Christmas Patterns Pack


Perfect for making invites, invitation cards, Seasons greetings cards, Christmas cards, party decorations, party favor tags, label stickers, scrapbooking, stationary, gift wrap, packaging, t-shirt, baby clothes, buttons, pendants, holiday gifts, print on fabrics and so much more.

  • Price: $5

Christmas Hand-Crafted Illustrations Bundle


You can incorporate these Christmas illustrations into your creations. Included illustrations can be used in and out of the Christmas season, making this set an all-year-round resource.

  • Price: $25

Christmas Clipart


This Christmas clipart pack contains 44 separate seamless elements that you can use in your Christmas related designs. All elements come in vector format with 300 DPI.

Price: $8

Christmas Icons and Elements Set


This set of images can be used for printed paper products, web design, digital or paper scrapbooking, stickers, magnets, or invitations.

  • Price: $8

Christmas Trees Illustrations


A collection of mod Christmas trees and snowflakes in red, green, pink, silver, and gold. Pack contains an EPS file and also JPGS and PNG files of each tree.

  • Price: $8

Christmas Posters

  • Price: $7

Christmas Paintings Pack


You will get tons of watercolor paintings and ready print greeting card designs with this pack. All of them specially painted and scanned in high resolution. And also specially cleaned backgrounds with tablet on Photoshop. You can use with any colored grounds.

  • Price: $17

Christmas Greeting and Sticker Illustrations


A Christmas collection of graphic elements. Perfect to create greeting cards, invitation, stickers or other Christmas designs.

  • Price: $9

Christmas Cats


Christmas cats for your holiday designs, greeting cards, invitations, web graphics, scrap booking, posters, blogs and banners.

  • Price: $7

Christmas Border Designs


Hand drawn Christmas doodle seamless borders for decorative design, cards, winter backgrounds, gift tags and labels.

  • Price: $5

Christmas Party Flyers


A Christmas and Winter Party flyer template, with 2 Photoshop layered files. It’s fully editable, and CMYK print ready.

  • Price: $6

Christmas Baubles


This set comes with 18 hand drawn Christmas decorative graphic elements. You can use these graphics to create your vintage Christmas cards, invitations, gift tags, gift wraps, cupcake toppers, web graphics, scrap booking and a lot more.

  • Price: $8

Watercolor Christmas Collection


Set of watercolor posters on Christmas theme. Watercolor elements different kinds of drawing. On crumpled paper, chalkboard and on kraft. All ilustrations are in vivid and very colorful. Font is located on a separate layer.

  • Price: $24

Christmas Lights


Christmas lights on dark background. Pack contains vector set with Ai and PSD format.

  • Price: $5

Christmas Graphics Set


Christmas Collection with cute characters and graphic elements. Perfect for create greeting card, invitation, stickers or other your Christmas design. All elements on a white and black background.

  • Price: $8

Christmas Patterns Pack


Christmas Kraft Paper in red, green and white holiday designs on kraft paper, Christmas digital background paper with ornaments, reindeer, plaid, snow, snowflakes,Christmas tree and more. This paper has a kraft paper background texture to look like traditional kraft paper.

  • Price: $6

Beautiful Christmas Background


Christmas decorations: fur-tree branches, colorful glass balls, a candle, red glittering snowflakes, cinnamon sticks and anise stars on a rough wooden background with a copy space.

  • Price: $9

Christmas Cards Bundle


This pack contains Christmas lettering and Christmas cards with horizontal, vertical and square sizes. You can print this cards or use the web version.

  • Price: $8

Christmas Bundle


Large collection of Christmas cards, invitations, ornaments, design elements and tags. Since they’re all in vector format you get lots of ornaments, backgrounds, textures etc. that you can play around with to make your own creations.

  • Price: $14

Hand-drawn Christmas Elements Collection


Are you ready for Christmas? This package, with a brand new hand-drawn elements, contains everything you need for Christmas design. You can create greeting cards, invitations, party design, decorate blog, and do anything with these elements.

  • Price: $14

Holiday Christmas Design Bundle


This grand Christmas design pack contains over hundreds of beautifully designed vectors, flyer designs and over 36 Christmas card designs.

  • Price: $10

Christmas Ornaments Clipart Pack


Watercolor Christmas clipart set is a beautiful digital set of 22 watercolor styled Christmas elements, snowflakes, deers, balls, wreaths, twigs and dividers. Perfect for winter holiday invitations, cards, baby and bridal shower invitations, any other winter invitation design, scrapbooking, cardmaking, announcement cards, blogs, logos and photo overlays.

  • Price: $6