The spookiest day of the year is right around the corner. Take your Halloween pumpkin game up a notch by showing off your graphic design skills with a custom carving, and get inspired with these Halloween pumpkin ideas!

It’s not too late to find the perfect pumpkin at a local patch and spend some quality time (along or with your family) crafting a carving that no one else on your street will have. Not sure where to start? Here’s we’ve collected 20 creative Halloween pumpkin carving ideas, from simple scenes to iconic graphic design elements to a few customized spooks.

1. Show Off Your Skills

pumpkin carving idea

Design a carving that isn’t a traditional Jack-o-Lantern. You can carve almost any scene that strikes your fancy with the right tools.

2. Pantone Pumpkin

pumpkin carving idea

Show off a little design humor with a Pantone-inspired carving that shows your favorite orange hue.

3. Geek Out

pumpkin carving idea

Show your code humor with a clever line that only designers and developers will understand.

4. Group Gourds

pumpkin carving idea

Come up with a creative way to create multiple carvings that connect using several pumpkins together.

5. Carve a Logo

pumpkin carving idea

Show your love for Adobe or WordPress with a logo carving.

6. Dedicate to a Special Character

pumpkin carving idea

Everyone has a favorite letterform or type element — mine is the ampersand — carve it creatively or using your favorite font.

7. Try a Trendy Element

pumpkin carving idea

It seems like sugar skull images are everywhere this season. Go trendy and carve one of your own.

8. Craft a Fictional Character

pumpkin carving idea

From star of horror movies to video game heroes, use your pumpkin carving skills to create a replica of your favorite fictional character.

9. Try Something Unexpected

pumpkin carving idea

Most pumpkin carvings feature designs on a round, head-on canvas. Turn the pumpkin around and cut out parts of it to create new shapes for a different spin on the carving, such as the fish, above.

10. Be Silly

pumpkin carving idea

Try a silly pumpkin carving design instead of creepers. This more family- and kid-friendly option might just be a hit at your house.

11. Take Advantage of Mistakes

pumpkin carving idea

Admit it, there’s been a time or two when you dropped the pumpkin and smashed it a little or when the carving just went a bit awry. Make the most of it with a double-pumpkin design and turn that mishap into a happy accident.

12. Pumpkins Plus Other Elements

pumpkin carving idea

Take your carving to the next level with add-ons. Organic elements are a natural fit, such as the greenery above. But you can also add lights or other materials for a mixed-media Halloween decoration.

13. Tattoo-Style Carving

pumpkin carving idea

One of the more recent trends in pumpkin carving is to create a design with cuts all the way through the flesh of the pumpkin as well as carving partially through the outer shell. (This can allow varying amounts of light to shine through and accommodate more intricate patterns.)

14. Make It Scary

pumpkin carving idea

Get in the holiday spirit with an absolutely scary design, such as the homage to Comic Sans above.

15. Use a Creepy Character

pumpkin carving idea

Or you can highlight the scary season with a character that’s actually creepy, such as a ghoul, goblin or less-than-friendly face.

16. Carve a Cool Pattern

pumpkin carving idea

Rather than focusing on just one side of the pumpkin, develop a pattern or texture that can be incorporated all the way around. (It’s a great chance to use a trendy geometric shape.)

17. Think in Theory

pumpkin carving idea

Go beyond a simple carving with a pumpkin concept that uses a lot of imagination. Note how the example above mimics the golden ratio in the shape of a nautilus.

18. Highlight a Fav Font

pumpkin carving idea

Show off your design skills with a special message featuring your favorite font. Who said a carving has to be a picture? Words are OK, too.

19. Think About Lighting

pumpkin carving idea

If you plan to put a candle your pumpkin make sure the carving is designed to let that light shine through. Create a design that will look great in the dark, even if you can’t see the pumpkin itself.

20. Stick with a Classic

pumpkin carving idea

Just because you can go crazy with pumpkin carving doesn’t mean you have to. Sometimes the best idea is the most simple, classic one. Carve a classic Jack O Lantern with and put a candle inside to light the way for trick or treaters.

How Do You Carve a Custom Pumpkin Design?

Turn your design into a template for a custom Halloween pumpkin graphic design carving. Here’s how you do it:

  • Create the design in Photoshop or Illustrator. Make sure to use plenty of thick lines between cut areas or you might end up with a butchered pumpkin. The easiest designs include full cutouts. The most complicated entail carvings that require more detailed cuts on thin lines or elements.
  • Print the design at a size to match your pumpkin. An outline design is sufficient and easiest to work with.
  • Transfer the design to the pumpkin for carving by covering the back of the paper with graphic or charcoal, taping the paper to the pumpkin and then tracing the design. Other options include adding a sheet of tracing paper between the printed design and pumpkin before tracing or attaching the design to the pumpkin and then “tracing” the design to the orange orb by poking holes in the paper through to the pumpkin as a carving guide.
  • Remove the paper from the pumpkin and then carve it using the outline guide you’ve created. Just make sure to cut the top off and scoop all the seeds out first. It will make for much easier (and cleaner) carving.

Source: Design Shack

Designing an amazing flyer is an effective way to get everyone excited about a party or an event. You can find a great flyer design to promote your next event from this collection of party and club flyer templates.

You don’t have to be a designer to make a professional looking party flyer (we’ve written about how to design your own flyer before). But for an even quicker solution, these pre-made templates come with attractive designs made by professionals. All you have to do is open the template with Photoshop or Illustrator and edit them.

Whether you’re planning a summer beach party, a birthday party, or a club night, this collection has a template for every fun occasion.

Happy New Year 2019 Party Flyer

Planning a party for the New Year’s Eve? Then grab this easy to use template to make a professional flyer to spread the word about your upcoming event. This template comes in A4 size and lets you easily change its colors and text however you like.

Halloween Event Party Flyer

Halloween Event Flyer

It’s always Halloween when you’re hosting fun events and costume parties. This template comes in 2 color versions for designing flyers for your Halloween parties as well as other fun events. The template can be customized with both Photoshop and Illustrator.

90’s Music DJ Club Party Flyer

90's Music DJ party Flyer

A retro-themed club flyer template that’s ideal for promoting your DJ and music events. It comes in PSD format with smart objects and an easily customizable design.

Christmas Dinner Party Flyer

Christmas Dinner Party Flyer

Whether you’re planning a Christmas party at home, a hotel, or even if you’re a restaurant hosting a special Christmas dinner event, this creative flyer will help you promote the event like a professional.

Blues Night – Club Flyer Template

Blues Night - Club Flyer Template

Use this beautiful and minimalist club flyer template to spread the word about music events and parties. The template comes in A4 size and it can be easily customized using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Halloween Event Party Flyer

Halloween Event Party Flyer

Another cute and creative Halloween party flyer template. This design is ideal for promoting both children’s parties as well as for grown-ups. The template is available in A4 size and in AI and PSD file formats.

Back to 90s Flyer Party Club Flyer

Back to 90s Flyer Party Club Flyer

A minimal club and music event party flyer that comes with a 90s theme. This template comes with a fully editable design with vector elements and organized layers. You can edit the file using Photoshop or Illustrator to add an image as well.

Halloween Party Flyer Template

Halloween Party Flyer Template

This Halloween party flyer comes with a slightly scary looking design. It’s great for promoting parties, events, and gatherings in a fun and original way. The template comes in AI and PSD file formats.

Happy Hour Flyer Template

Happy Hour Flyer Template

Tell everyone at your pub or club about your upcoming happy hour events using this creative template. The template is fully editable and comes with well-organized layers.

Urban Club Flyer Template

Urban Club Flyer Template

This urban flyer template comes with a retro-modern design, making it perfect for promoting your new club openings as well as special events, DJ music parties, and much more. You can also choose from several different color variations of the template as well.

Summer Party Flyer Template

Summer Party Flyer

This modern and beautiful flyer template comes with a design that fits all kinds of summer parties, beach music events, and DJ events. The fresh and nature-inspired design of this party flyer makes it more attractive as well. The template can be easily customized using Photoshop.

Halloween Party Flyer Template

Halloween Party Flyer

Planning a spooky Halloween party for grownups? Then this template will help you design a cool flyer to promote your event. The illustration of the zombie hand grabbing a bottle will surely give your guests an idea of how fun your party is going to be. The template comes in A4 size.

Birthday Party Flyer Template

Summer Party Flyer

This party flyer comes with an adorable design featuring cute illustrations and it’s made specifically for designing party flyers for kids. This flyer template is available in 2 different versions for boy and girl. It’s fully customizable so you can easily edit the names and numbers however you like.

Barbecue Party Flyer Templates

Barbecue Party Flyers

Make your backyard barbecue party official by designing a great party flyer. This template comes with a design that fits barbecues of all sizes. It has plenty of space for detailing your event in style. The template comes in an A4 sized PSD file.

Valentine Party Flyer Template

Valentine Party Flyer

This minimalist party flyer template is perfect for designing a flyer for Valentine’s day party or an event. It features a simple yet an effective design and you can easily edit the PSD file to customize and add content of your own.

Hot Sun Party Flyer Template

Hot Sun Party Flyer

This creative summer party flyer will let you show off the fun side of your party or event. It comes with an attractive design that lets you design a party flyer for all kinds of events. The template is available in both Illustrator and Photoshop formats to let you customize the design to your preference.

Christmas Party Flyer Template

Christmas Party Flyer

If you’re working on a party flyer design for a Christmas party, grab this template to instantly design a fun flyer for the event. You can use it to promote a Christmas party at home or even promote a discount or a sale at a store.

Watercolor Halloween Party Flyer

Watercolor Halloween Party Flyer

This simple and creative Halloween party flyer comes with a unique design featuring realistic watercolor illustrations. The flyer is available in 3 different versions and in fully-layered A4-sized PSD files.

Easter Party Flyer Template

Christmas Party Flyer

Another cute and fun flyer template you can use to design a flyer for an Easter party event. This template also comes in 2 different color variations and features lots of colorful elements to grab the attention of children.

Summer Beach Party Flyer

Summer Beach Party Flyer

This cool and natural party flyer template is perfect for promoting beach parties and summer events. It features an attractive design with a modern touch to show off professionalism. The template comes in both Illustrator and Photoshop file formats as well.

Creative New Year Party Flyer

Creative New Year Party Flyer

Promote your new year parties and events using this creative flyer template. This template is fully customizable and also comes in PSD and AI file formats so you can easily edit the template to change colors and text however you like.

Elegant Christmas Celebration Flyer

Elegant Christmas Celebration Flyer

Another Christmas-themed party flyer to help you promote your events. This template features an elegant design that makes it perfect for promoting your official business and formal parties and events.

Club Event Flyer Template

Club Event Flyer

This flyer template comes with a design made specifically for club parties and music events. It features space for featuring a photo of your featured guests and artists as well as a colorful design to attract attention.

Tango Dance Flyer Template

Tango Dance Flyer

Promote tango dance club events and contests using this elegant flyer template. The template comes in 2 different color variants and in PSD format to let you easily customize it to your preference.

Happy Hour Flyer Template

If you host happy hour social club events, this flyer template will come in handy. It features a creative design with colorful illustrations. You can also use it to promote bars and pubs as well.

Future Club Flyer Template

Future Club Flyer

This is a modern flyer template featuring a futuristic design. It’s perfect to promote new club openings and other special events. The template comes with multiple color versions and you can easily edit it using Photoshop.

Motorcycle Club Event Flyer

Motorcycle Club Event

This minimalist flyer template is made for motorcycle clubs and events. It features a retro-themed design that fits both modern and old-school bikers. The template is easily customizable and you can even change its colors.

Club Dance Party Flyer Template

Club Dance Party Flyer Template

Another club event and party flyer template for promoting dance parties. This template comes with a colorful and an attractive design. You can also include your own model photo for the flyer using Photoshop.

Electro 80’s DJ Party Flyer

Electro 80's DJ Party Flyer

A retro-themed party flyer template you can use to promote your special club events and DJ parties. This template comes in a 4 x 6-inch PSD file and it’s easily customizable as well.

Cocktail Party Flyer Template

Cocktail Party Flyer

Planning a fun cocktail party? Then use this template to get everyone’s attention. The template comes with a creative and a fun design. It’s also available in 2 different color variants.

Pool Party Poster & Flyer Template

Pool Party Poster

This template is designed specifically for making flyers for pool parties. It will come in handy for hotels and restaurants that host pool parties for guests. The template comes in both A3 and A4 sizes and it can be easily customized using Illustrator.

Happy Hour Typography Flyer

Happy Hour Typography Flyer

This is a unique flyer template that comes with a creative typographic design depicting a beer glass. It’s designed for promoting happy hour events at clubs and pubs. This template also comes in a fully layered PSD file.

Source: Design Shack

Minimalist design is simple. But it is not boring. Just because a minimal style design often lacks some of the embellishments or color palettes or crazy typefaces in other projects, doesn’t mean it isn’t great to look at. In fact, designs featuring minimalism can be some of the most beautiful and usable websites around.

And even though minimalism is a design style of itself, what types of elements show up in these projects and how they are used tend to change over time. You might call them minimalism trends. Here’s a look at 10 tips for creating a modern minimalist graphic design with examples.

1. Keep It Simple

minimalist design

The key to a minimalist graphic design is simplicity.

But that doesn’t always mean it is easy to design. Sometimes the simplest visual and functional designs are actually quite complicated to develop. (It can take a lot of work to look so easy.)

To help streamline elements and keep the design simple, start with a font and color palette that’s rather limited. Consider a key element that will serve as the visual in the minimalist graphic design and focus on how to get users to look at that.

Create messaging that matches the visual theme, and you’ve got a solid start to create a simple design.

2. Be Selective with Typography

minimalist design

Fonts will make or break a minimal design. Since there’s not a lot of other visual material competing for attention, a minimal style needs to feature clean and readable typography to be most effective.

Develop a font palette with one or two type families and create a hierarchy for how to use type elements. Stick to this hierarchy like you would a grid. It should be the foundation of the type design for a minimal project.

Add a few subtle elements to highlight keywords, phrases or messaging, such as color.

If you question the type, rethink it. Typography is a key element in a minimalist graphic design and should be treated with utmost care.

3. Streamline the Color Palette

minimalist design

The color palette should be as simple as the typography palette. Aside from black and white (or your base neutral), pick one color to drive the design.

This color can be bright or light and can serve as anything from a background texture to accent. To maximize the impact of color in a minimal graphic design, use your preferred hue consistently. But don’t be afraid to use it.

The example above shows a minimal design with a bold color option for the background. It’s the only color but sets a mood to the project and helps drive its visibility.

4. Design a Consistent UX

minimalist design

Not only should the visual design be rather simple and intuitive in a minimal graphic design, but for websites the interface should be just as easy to understand.

From user interface elements and buttons to scroll actions and engagements, create a consistent user experience that isn’t complicated and that doesn’t require an instructional manual to use. Each visitor should understand, without even thinking about it, the interface and how to interact with it.

Keep the engagements simple and direct so that the feel is consistent with the visual design. If the overall aesthetic is minimal and every hover action explodes animated confetti, there will be a disconnect and it will impact usability.

5. Use Color

minimalist design

While you probably want a more streamlined palette for a minimal graphic design, you don’t have to have colorless design. There’s a misconception that minimal means black and white. That’s just not true.

A minimal design can be black and white, but it can also feature a full color palette. The trick here is to create a simple palette in terms of number of colors and usage.

The Curious Agency, above, does a great job with a bright background that’s bursting with color in an otherwise minimal design scheme.

6. Strip Out All the Extras

minimalist design

Getting rid of clutter in a minimal graphic design is important. (It is the essence of minimal.)

Once you get the design in pretty good shape, think about each element individually: Does it serve a purpose that will create a better journey for the user? Does it help meet a good? Or is it pure decoration?

If the answer is the latter, you might want to rethink whether that element should be part of the design or not.

7. Be Bold with White Space

minimalist design

White space is one of the elements that most minimal graphic designs have in common. You won’t have any mushed, smushed or crowded elements here.

Every piece of a minimal graphic design should have meaning. And it should have plenty of space around it so that that concept is clearly discernable.

Studio Firlefanzski, above, does this with plenty of space around the edges of the canvas, but where the design really excels is in the spacing between lines on the main block of text. This extra space makes every line stand out so that you read each word, fully taking in the meaning.

8. Create Open Spaces

minimalist design

This might seem like incorporating white space, part 2 … it is that important.

Create open spaces to draw the eye and balance heavier parts of the design. The key difference here is not to get stuck in a symmetrical flow or pattern of linespacing and padding.

Make space part of the design.

Verho, above, does this in so many different ways:

  • There’s interesting space for the vertical navigation.
  • Image elements line up a little off-center to create spaces that move the eye from element to element.
  • Text elements are light and just a little more tracked out than average.
  • Elements are also placed “off-center” vertically, changing the way space feels from scroll to scroll.

9. Seek Balance and Harmony

minimalist design

For every heavy element in the design, look for a way to balance it with space or lighter elements to establish harmony in the overall design.

Many minimal graphic design projects can be text-heavy, leading to some really dominating elements and spaces. Establishing a counter balance to that weight is important to keep the design from feeling lopsided or overwhelming.

Lissi, above, does this with plenty of white space and alternating regular and bold typefaces to create more balance.

10. Incorporate Imagery

minimalist design

One of the things that many designers forget about or ditch when working with a minimal project is images. It’s ok to incorporate images into a minimal design project. (In many cases you probably should use images.)

When picking out photos, look for photos that also feel simple and easy-going. Avoid cluttered scenes or crops that feel exceptionally tight.

Caleb Johnson Studio, above, uses a handful of serene photos in the hero slider with bright, light colors and simple visual ideas. The photos match the overall tone and feel of other design elements for a colorful, visually impressive minimal design.


Although you can strip away elements as you create a minimalism graphic design, remember there is more to it. Some of the trends we are seeing in minimalism, have a minimal feel with some maximal elements, such as photography or color.

Mix and match styles to get a simple graphic design that you love and meets the goals of your project.

Source: Design Shack

What’s hot in graphic design? One of the things people always want to talk to me about is graphic design trends. Here’s a recap of the top graphic design trends of 2018, plus a little preview of what’s likely on the horizon for 2019.

It’s such an interesting topic because there are trends that change slowly over time – just look at the long evolution of flat design to where we are now – and others that seem to flip overnight. Should you always rush to use the latest graphic design trends in your work? Of course not. But it’s helpful to pick up new ideas, find inspiration, and see what types of techniques and styles are shaping your industry.

1. Bright Color


graphic design trends



graphic design trends


Use of bright color for everything from backgrounds to images to user interface elements has been one of the biggest graphic design trends of 2018 for sure.

Projects featuring vivid color palettes have been dominant in website projects and redesigns a well as print promotion and elements. Many of these colors take a cue from Material Design palettes, which are bright and bold featuring colors such as blue, purple and pink.

The two places where color has really shown up is in product and packaging design that carries over to other elements such as website design. RXBar, above, is a prime example of this trend in action. Every color is distinctive and the packaging and website design are perfectly married.

But that’s not the only application of the bright color graphic design trend.

Designers are also using more rainbow-inspired palettes that break the rule of using just two or three colors for the design. Palettes with lots of bright color in interesting shapes or typography have been huge this year.

2. Three-Dimensional Still Life Elements


graphic design trends



graphic design trends


It seems like designers are itching to do three-dimensional design projects. That is showing up in staged elements and still life representations of elements and objects in a 3D space – real or created.

This concept creates a highly engaging canvas and representation for product placements and showing how something might look or feel in real life. These designs are often rather elaborate, although they might not look like it at a glance, and might feature real and created objects.

This graphic design trend shows imagination in action.

3. Gradients


graphic design trends



graphic design trends


Gradients are everywhere – as backgrounds, as photo and video overlays, inside images, and the list goes on.

Color has been a big deal in 2018 and gradients have been a big part of that movement. The same bright colors that have been popular on their own are also trending choices for gradients.

But not all trending gradients are bold and bright. Some are more subtle with a soft color variation. They can be used with real elements or illustrations and typography.

4. Minimal Navigation


graphic design trends



graphic design trends


Whereas mega menus were all the rage a few years back, there’s been a shift to more minimal and even hidden navigation elements. This takes a cue from mobile (where most users are viewing websites anyway) to create a more open canvas and streamline user experiences.

While there are pros and cons to “barely there” navigation, the graphic design definitely benefits from a clean canvas and more creative options for tucking away those “pesky” navigation elements.

Both examples above do this in different ways. Blab uses a create square menu button at the bottom left of the screen. Le Mordue doesn’t even show navigation on the home screen, it pops in as users scroll.

5. Photo Overlays


graphic design trends



graphic design trends


Photo overlays are one of the most forgiving graphic design techniques and that’s why they continue to trend.

A good overlay can even out color making text elements easier to read, hide imperfections in an image or provide a more interesting focal point with color or gradients. A color overlay is a way to turn a more generic image into something that relates to brand identity as well.

In addition to simple color overlays, more projects have used a full layer, such as Berserk (above), which features a color overlay on the image and another animated overlay that mimic mouse actions.

What Graphic Design Elements Will Be Trending in 2019?


graphic design trends



graphic design trends



graphic design trends



graphic design trends



graphic design trends


Since 2018 is starting to wind down, it begs the question: What graphic design trends will be popular in 2019?

Many of the graphic design trends from this year will remain popular. They’ve got some pretty strong momentum already and more projects are launching with these styles and techniques all the time.

Here are five more graphic design trends we expect to see in 2019 as well:

  • Beige color: While gray and white backgrounds have been popular, more designs are shifting to a soft beige for that same easy to use neutral feel.
  • VR and mixed reality: Virtual and mixed reality projects will only continue to grow as devices become more common.
  • Script typography: Design will back away from some of the hard, in-your-face typography and opt for softer script typefaces that don’t have an overly feminine feel.
  • Glitch effects: Designs that jump, skip or are messed up on purpose are attention-getting.
  • Authentic imagery: With everyone trying to connect in a true way less polished, more authentic images will dominate design projects. Commercial photography is shifting to look more like snapshots for these projects.


What graphic design trends were your favorite in 2018? What are you looking most forward to in terms of graphic design in 2019?

The thing I love about all of these concepts is that they are pretty usable. They work with the user experience, with beautiful design to boot.


Source: Design Shack

This month, head to Manchester for a city-wide design extravaganza, delve into the world of Roald Dahl and read all about the history of graphic design.

Museum opening: Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre

What: From snozcumbers to giant gobstoppers, the creations of Roald Dahl have captured the imaginations of children for generations.

The museum was closed due to damage from flash floods in Great Missenden earlier this year.

But like Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory, the family-friendly museum dedicated to the legacy of the much-loved author, is now ready to throw open its doors again.

Visitors can learn all about Dahl’s life, from peeking into his writing hut, to discovering the inspiration behind the stories ranging from the pranks he pulled as a child to how much he loved chocolate.

The museum is also home to Dahl’s archive of draft manuscripts, notes and more.

When: Opens on 20 October 2018.

Where: 81 to 83 High Street, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, HP16 0AL

Info: Tickets cost £7 for adults and £4.50 for children. Under fives go free. For more information, head here.

Festival: Design Manchester

What: A northern extravaganza of exhibitions, art fairs, talks and more will take place right across the city, which this year focuses on the theme of “disrupt”.

Visitors can catch a glimpse of some of the best graphic works and photographs around the Warehouse Project at the End Of Store Street exhibition, have a go at “breaking news” as part of an interactive installation by Patrick Thomas or try creating prints with the Salford Makers.

Another highlight is the D(isrupt)M conference, which is hosted by Creative Review editor Patrick Burgoyne and features speakers from a wide range of design fields, including co-founder of Design Studio Ben Wright, creative director of Shangri-La at Glastonbury Festival, Kaye Dunnings and graphic designer, Anthony Burrill.

For information on some of the top things to see during the event, see our article here.

When: The festival runs from 10-21 October 2018, but some exhibitions run beyond this.

Where: Various venues across Manchester.

Info: Some events are free while others are ticketed. For full schedule and more information, head here.

New gallery: The V&A Photography Centre

What: The Victoria and Albert Museum has opened a new space dedicated to photography, doubling the space the museum has to devote to the medium.

Visitors can see more than 140 cameras, from the historical to the modern, as well as negatives, photographs and much more in the new space.

Displays will be showcased in a variety of ways, from glass cabinets to digital walls and projections.

It all kicks off with a display known as “Collecting Photography: From Daguerreotype to Digital”, which draws from the V&A’s 800,000-strong collection of photos, aiming to tell the story of how people have used photography to “collect the world” from the 19th century to today. A series of events will take place surrounding the launch.

When: Opens on 12 October 2018.

Where: V&A Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL

Info: For more information, head here.

Conference: Adobe Max

What: A five-day event that sees creatives from around the world come together to mingle and catch up on some of the latest innovations in digital tools.

Adobe will showcase new products and updates to their software, with training sessions that will help visitors get to grips with the latest releases.

There will also be a range of speakers from the wider design world, such as Sagi Haviv, partner at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, Brian Collins, CEO at COLLINS + Partners, Natasha Jen, partner at Pentagram and Kendall Plant, associate creative director at Adobe.

Design Week will be at the conference in Los Angeles (LA) next week so look out for our coverage of the event.

When: Pre-conference sessions take place 13-14 October 2018. The main conference runs from 15-17 October 2018.

Where: Los Angeles Convention Centre, 1201 S Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, California, CA 90015, USA

Info: A full conference pass costs $1,595 (£1,212.), but there is also a variety of day passes, concessions and pre-conference passes available. For more information, see here.

Book launch: The History of Graphic Design, 1960–Today

What: A bumper book of some of the most important designs from 1960 to today, from corporate logos and wayfinding systems to film posters and record covers.

This book, written by Jens Müller and edited by Julius Wiedemann, explores how history has influenced graphic design, but also acts as a historical book in its own right, according to the author, using designs to illustrate the social and cultural history of the past 60 years.

This comprehensive book contains more than 3,5000 images including works from around the world and some pieces that received limited acknowledgment in the past.

It follows on from the previous volume, which looked at designs from 1890 to 1959. Read our full interview with the author here.

When: Published 8 October 2018

Where: Available to buy on the Taschen website worldwide.

Info: The book costs from £50. For more information and to buy the book, head here.


Source: Design Week

Creating a monogram is a popular design practice for logos, badges, signage, insignias, and signatures (it actually dates back to the early 350BC!). If you’re working on a monogram design, this collection of monogram fonts and typography is a helpful starting point!

Many brands, products, and businesses still use monograms to craft unique logos that stand out from the crowd (like Volkswagen or Coco Chanel). And we’ve handpicked several unique monogram fonts with decorative designs that you can use for your various projects.

Best of all, you can download all of them to try them out! Envato Elements gives you unlimited access to over 500,000 design resources for a single price.

Moalang Pro – Monogram Font

Moalang Pro Monogram Font

This beautiful vintage-themed font comes with letters featuring stylish decorations and curvy edges that makes it the perfect choice for designing monogram badges and logos. The font includes multilingual characters and lots of alternates as well.

Faun – Font Duo

Faun - Font Duo

Faun is a font duo made specifically for creating monograms. At first sight, the font will remind you of the creative monogram logo of Unilever. You can create a similar logo or a monogram using this font without having to spend a fortune on a logo design agency.

Sortdecai – Display Font

Sortdecai - Display Font

Sortdecai is a family of handcrafted fonts that feature vintage designs. It comes with 370 glyphs along with ligatures, alternates, and lots more. The font also supports OpenType features for InDesign and Illustrator.

Bouchers – Script Font Duo

Bouchers - Script Font Duo

Another stylish font that features both uppercase and lowercase characters with beautiful decorative designs. You can use the font to create modern monograms as well as logo designs.

Conserina – 6 Monogram Typefaces

Conserina - 6 Typefaces

Conserina is a condensed font that features a unique narrow design. The font comes in 6 different weights ranging from light to bold. It’s perfect for crafting logos, titles, and monograms.

Nomads – The Farmer Original Typeface

Nomads - The Farmer Original Typeface

Nomads font comes with a retro-themed design and decorative elements. It has the ideal look and design making monogram badges. The font is available in Regular, Rounded, and Vintage styles.

Quixote Obsolete – Classic Typeface

Quixote Obsolete - Classic Typeface

The plain and simple design of this font makes it the best choice for designing monograms for luxury and high-end brands. The clean classic look of the font makes it truly one of a kind.

RADON – Monogram Logo Font

RADON - Monogram Logo Font

Radon is a monogram font made specifically for crafting logos. It features a unique character design that will make your designs stand out from the crowd. The font comes in Regular, Bold, and Deco styles.

RibOne – Creative Font

RibOne - Creative Font

RibOne is also a font with a creative set of characters. It has a design made for creating monograms for modern brands. The color gradient version of the font is also included in this pack as an EPS file.

Monogram World – Monogram Bundle

Monogram World - Monogram Bundle

This is a unique bundle of monogram letters that comes in Light and Regular styles. The designer promises that you can use the font to create more than 600 different combinations to create monogram badges. It also comes with 10 premade badges in AI and EPS formats as well.


At first sight, you can see that this is the perfect font for crafting badges, signage, and logos. Kahuripan is a bold display font that can also be used for many types of monogram design work. You can use it to craft many types of designs from labels to product packaging, T-shirt designs, and more.

Rising Star

Rising star is a monoline script font that comes with a modern design. Monoline is a type of font that’s commonly used in logo design. This font, however, features a modern design that makes it suitable for monogram designs such as signage and insignias as well. The font also includes 3 different weights.

Euphoria Font Family

Euphoria is a family of fonts that features a design inspired by the Victorian-era. It comes in several different styles of the font including a shadow, gradient, serif, outline, tuscan, and more, making a total of 11 fonts. All typefaces include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuations, and alternate characters.

Mutiara Vintage

Featuring a mixed design of modern and vintage elements, Mutiara is a bold typeface that goes along with many different types of monogram designs. The font comes with slab, bold, and rough styles along with 54 alternate characters for crafting unique designs.

The Crow

The crow is a unique retro-themed font with a Victorian-era design. The font can be used to craft many different types of monograms as well as logo designs and signage. The crow also features 8 different types of font styles, including grunge, shadow, and inline. You’ll be able to use the fonts with multiple projects.

Morning Glory

Morning glory is yet another font that’s been designed inspired by Victorian day culture and fashion. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, numbers, and punctuation. The font is ideal for designing insignias, badges, and more.

Mermaid Typeface

This font also features a vintage design with a quirky feel. It’s most suitable for signage, badge, and other types of monogram designs. The font also includes a webfont version, which will come in handy if you’re working on a website or a web app design.

Forest Line

Forrest line is a creative font with a modern design. It’s a multi-purpose font that you can use to design logos, signage, monograms, badges, and much more. The font is available in 3 styles: Light, regular, and bold.


If you’re looking for a font with a retro-futuristic look, this is the perfect font for you. This font features a modern design with a retro feel, which makes it perfect for a fashion, luxury, and entertainment related brand designs. The font also includes a webfont version as well.


MaLaurent is a true monogram font that you can use to design classical and luxury brand designs, like crafting monograms for wine bottles and drink glasses. The font can also be used to design greeting cards, logos, and posters as well. The webfont version of the font is also included in the bundle.

Extraordinary – Handmade Font

This is another modern monogram font with a hand-crafted design. It comes with several creative styles as well as a webfont version for your web-based design work. You can use it to craft monograms, badges, and even website headers as well.

Patrick font & Lettering Kit

This font comes with a unique and a creative design that will certainly make your monograms, badges, and logo designs stand out. The creative and illustrated letters in this font make it truly one of a kind. Additionally, the font includes a vector file full of graphic elements for crafting your own illustrations as well.

Megeon Font

Megeon is a font made for badges, product labels, and signage. The font features a boldly modern design that makes is suitable for many different types of designs. It also comes in 3 different styles, bold, vintage, and grunge.

Brother Typeface

The quirky and fun design of this font will allow you to use it with your entertainment and kids-related design projects. Brother is a bold display font that features many characteristics of a monogram font. You can also use it to craft book covers, posters, headers, and more.

Baddest typeface

Baddest font comes in two styles, bold and rough. Both typefaces feature uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and ligatures. The textured design of the font makes it ideal for crafting badges and monograms, as well as posters, logos, and website headers.

Burford Extrude A

Burford is a bold font that comes with a professional design. It’s perfect for designing many different types of monograms, logos, badges, and more. The font also features many extra features as well.


Atlantis is a truly unique font with an attractive design. The font comes in 6 different styles, including inline, grunge, and bold designs. This typeface is ideal for designing all types of monograms, posters, and badges.

Baker Street Black Oblique

Inspired by the signage and designs from London, Baker Street is a font that will truly take your own designs back in time. The font features swashes and many alternate characters for also making your designs stand out.

Mars Attack

Mars attack is a creative space-themed font that features a horror-like design, which makes it perfect for crafting everything from monograms to signage, badges, posters, and more.


This elegantly designed font comes in 4 different styles, including circular strokes, rectangular strokes, and a rough version. The font includes lots of alternate characters and ligatures as well.

Prospekt Typeface

Prospekt is a font that features a design with perfect symmetry. It’s perfect for designing monograms, logos, and many other types of designs. The font also features 3 different styles, including rocky and press styles.


This is a family of 6 fonts that features various styles of grunge designs. The font comes with a unique decorative layout that also makes it most suitable for logo and monogram designs, especially for fashion and luxury brands.

Sputnik Typeface

Sputnik font features a design inspired by vintage propaganda posters. It’s perfect for crafting posters, website headers, social media posts, and much more. The font 4 different styles and, according to the creator of the font, it looks great in Red.

The Breaks

The breaks is a script font with a hand-made design. It can be used to craft many types of designs from badges, signs, monograms, and even posters. The font comes in several different styles, including script, sans, and bold.

Alpha Rough

This is a font that features a truly handcrafted look. It features a design inspired by the old Greek philosophy and comes packed with lots of extras, including 42 silhouettes for making your designs look out of this world.

Source: Design Shack

Witches, goblins, and ghouls can make for some pretty amazing design projects. While Halloween might not be top of mind when it comes to design, it’s an opportunity to do something a little different with projects.

Halloween graphic design centers around something that will be around for a short time. It might be different than the typical vibe of a brand or project and often has a theme that’s fun and friendly.

Adding a spooky element to a design can delight users and show that the design is new and timely. It gives users reasons to come back to your projects because they know that it will change again after the holiday. You can use holiday-themed graphic design as a trick to keep users coming back!

1. Add Halloween Imagery

halloween design

The easiest way to create a Halloween graphic design is to substitute some of your typical imagery for something with a holiday feel.

  • Add images of people in costumes
  • Create a Halloween scene for the homepage
  • Design a special animation
  • Promote a product or service with a spooky special that you can show

2. Switch to a Seasonal Font

halloween design
halloween design
halloween design

Halloween is the perfect time to use one of those crazy novelty fonts that you just can’t find another excuse for. From scratchy hand-drawn typefaces to lettering that looks like it could be ripped from a horror movie poster, a spooky font option is a less obvious way to create a Halloween scene.

If you are really feeling like tricks and treats, use matching language to create a fun and unique holiday complication.

Here are three Halloween fonts that are a good starting point.

3. Mix Up Your Color Palette

halloween design

Halloween provides a great opportunity to switch up a color palette for warmer, deeper hues with more jewel tones and dark schemes.

While most people jump right to a bright orange, you don’t have to use a pumpkin-colored palette. Consider deeper oranges and sage greens. Purples, navy and black are equally popular. Don’t discount a deep maroon or brighter blues or greens either.

When in doubt, opt for something that has roots in nature – fall leaves, the night sky, and full moon or even a green-eyed black cat.

4. Substitute Fun Icons or Hover States

halloween design
Trade some of your more common design elements for icons with a seasonal theme.

When it comes to making tweaks to your design theme for Halloween, consider adjustments to some of the smallest website elements or divots in print projects.

Starting in October, switch the icons to something with a more Halloween look. Add a witch hat to the cart icon or a pumpkin to the phone button. The nice thing is that you don’t have to change every icon in the design to achieve this look. Just subbing a few small elements can create the right amount of charm.

Or surprise users with a simple hover state: Don’t change the icon itself, just adjust the hover action so that that cart magically pops into a bat or ghoul.

The same idea can work on printed materials as well – just make sure not to give them out post-holiday. Trade some of your more common design elements for icons with a seasonal theme.

5. Include a Spooky CTA

halloween design

Even the smallest bits of a design can be traded for Halloween elements. Adjust the micro-copy in your call to action button to include a spooky message.

Another idea? A simple pop-up that says “BOO!” and leads website visitors to complete an action.

Sometimes the smallest and simplest changes can be the most effective.

6. Add a Fall Theme

halloween design

So here’s the biggest issue with a Halloween graphic design theme – it’s short-lived. Most designers don’t want to switch over to holiday elements until October. (And I don’t blame you.)

So do you really want to go through all this fuss for a design change that only lasts 30 days?

Rather than an all-out light-up jack o lanterns theme, try a more fall aesthetic instead. Lump Halloween, the season change and even Thanksgiving into one design cluster. You’ll get a lot more bang for your buck and can switch it now and leave it until the end of November without feeling silly.

7. Have Fun with About Pages

halloween design

Here’s my go-to Halloween graphic design trick. Have staff (or pets) dress in costumes and change their photos on the About Us page of your website.

Include a promo or social media campaign to drive users to this seasonal content that’s fun and interesting.

Simple, right? Now schedule that staff dress up day!

8. Add an Animation

It might seem old-school but a simple “Happy Halloween” banner or animation can be just the right element to create a holiday theme. Not every project is designed in a way that an all-out change can work effectively.

A simple animation won’t take over the design and can set a nice tone without overwhelming users.

Another option is to incorporate a Halloween message or image into your homepage slider if that’s the type of website design you have. This is another easy change that won’t take a lot of time or planning but can still provide a timely holiday element.

9. Create a Holiday Hero

halloween design

If you can go all out on your website homepage or for a printed project, do it. Use photos, video or illustration to create a Halloween-theme hero header.

This is a pretty large and possibly elaborate use of space so scale back on any other Halloween themed ideas that you might have. Remember one big trick in the design is enough; any type of special imagery or themed design element counts as that trick.

10. Skip the Gore

Finally, Halloween graphic design should be fun and a bit spooky. But avoid gory scenes.

Too much gore or horror-themed elements can turn off some users. (If you know your audience well, there might be a case for using this type of imagery, but those cases are pretty rare.)

When planning for Halloween elements, opt for more friendly characters, skip the horror movie soundtrack or blood and guts and create something that holiday appropriate for the entire audience.


Have you considered swapping out elements for a Halloween graphic design? From small elements like icons or a hover state to full-scale spookiness, this is an opportunity to have fun with the project.

Hopefully, these tricks (and treats) will help jumpstart your imagination. Happy Halloween!

Source: Design Shack

The History of Graphic Design Vol.2 looks at works from 1960 to today, presenting more than 3,500 images which include everything from logos to magazine covers.

A new graphic design book seeks to tell the social and cultural history of the world through graphics, by exploring some of the most important works from the past 60 years.

The History of Graphic Design Vol.2, 1960-Today, written by Jens Müller and edited by Julius Wiedemann, contains more than 3,500 images, spanning six decades, set out year by year.

The 480-page bumper book published by Taschen includes a chronological run down of everything from movie posters to logos, wayfinding systems, corporate identities and more.

Müller tells Design Week: “I feel there are two main purposes for the book. First, I see it is a history book for graphic designers to see how this profession evolved and what happened in the past.

“But also, I see it as a general history book which is using graphic artefacts to describe the history of the 20th century. It doesn’t use photography or infographics like a school history textbook but instead uses book covers, movie posters, logos… You can both read it as a graphic design bible or as a history book.”

The book contains timelines to give the cultural context of the time certain graphics were designed.

These timelines run down some of the most important events of each decade, including politics, wars, technological innovations and major companies being founded.

“I think graphics need to be reviewed in the context of the era and what happened,” Müller says.

The Face, magazine cover, United Kingdom, 1985 © Design: Neville Brody (United Kingdom) Photo: Jamie Morgan

The book includes many of the most “important” and “ground-breaking” design projects from past decades, such as the New York subway wayfinding system by Massimo Vignelli, through to culturally significant pieces like a movie poster from Jaws.

While many well-known pieces are included, part of what makes this book unique, according to Müller, is the effort to also include works and designers that have not been widely acknowledged in the past, found by scouring through magazines and speaking to a wide range of people for research.

“We put a lot of people on the table who haven’t been recognised before but who have not only been important to the graphic design in their country but also in the world,” Müller says.

“Peter Mussfeldt, for example. He moved to Ecuador in 1962 and before that he studied graphic design in Germany. He introduced Ecuador to modern aesthetics and became the most important graphic designer there, he designed logos for banks, museums and more.”

Prljavo Kazalište, record cover, Croatia (former Yugoslavia), 1979 © Design: Mirko Ilić (Bosnia and Herzegovina/United States)

The book also aims takes a more international look, he says, trying not to focus too heavily on just Western Europe and America.

“We talked to people from many countries including those that have not been much recognised in graphic design history like Ecuador, Mexico or Korea to find out what the most important graphic design works from these countries are. These included airline designs and works from cultural events,” Müller says.

The book, which includes text in English, German and French, is set out by decade, with a page summing up what was happening in the world and in graphic design at the time, followed by pages featuring a timeline.

The bulk of the book, which has been designed by Müller, is filled with a variety of images, offering a mixture of commercial and artistic works presented together, with small columns of text explaining a bit about it.

“Set The Twilight Reeling”, Lou Reed, poster, United States, 1996 © Design: Stefan Sagmeister (Austria/United States)

“It was like a big jigsaw to put it all together,” Müller says.

“That is really what graphic design is. It combines books, magazines, avant-garde work and then really commercial work like the American Express logo.

“It is sometimes strange to see these next to each other, this unique arty poster and next to it a logo for a credit card company.

“But I think that is how we consume graphic design, it is not just about going to art galleries to look at it but often it’s walking through the street and looking at a poster or getting an email and looking at a logo. That is the speciality of this field.”

The design of the book is “functional”, he says, as its aim is “to make the thousands of works more consumable.”

Each decade section aims to capture the spirit of the time, as Müller explains, the main theme of the book is to “see how times change and how important the zeitgeist of the time was for graphic design.”

The book shows how certain things have changed over time, such as the Lufthansa logo, which is featured both in the early pages of the 1960s and following the recent rebrand earlier this year.
The book also charts how design has progressed.

For example, it explores how Swiss style design which focused on simplicity gained popularity from the 1960s, but took a back seat in the 1980s when the newly released Macintosh allowed people to experiment with graphics on their computers – before resurging once more.

The book finishes in 2018, which Müller feels is important as it shows some of the most current works of our time, such as Donald Trump covers by Edel Rodriguez for Time magazine.

I Love NY More Than Ever, poster, 2001 ©Designer: Milton Glaser (United States)

The new book follows on from Volume 1, which looked at graphics from 1890 to 1959.

“It is a complete continuation of the concept,” Müller says.

“The first book starts with the origin of graphic design when colour printing became affordable and magazines became more common. It includes printing, avant-garde, Bauhaus…

“The second volume is a lot of about globalisation of graphic design and about new routes in graphic design for example the field of wayfinding systems.

“It explores the idea of a corporate identity that really rules design for big companies, which is not only a logo but rules about how typography looks and various print matters.

Jurassic Park, book cover, United States, 1990 © Design: Chip Kidd (United States)

“Then we have the digital revolution, which meant design was not just produced by hand but on computers before really taking hold in the 1990s when the internet became widely available.

“It also looks at things that happened in society, so the 1968 revolution is in the book with French student posters, right through to graphics from recent protests against people like Trump.

“A lot of things that happened in those 60 or 70 years.”

The History of Graphic Design. Vol. 2, 1960–Today is available to by now from Taschen from £50.

All images courtesy of Taschen. 

Woolmark International, logo, 1964 © Design: Franco Grignani (Italia)

Source: Design Week

One of the smallest things that can be the most difficult to design is a business card. Due to its small size and a need to include a lot of information, choosing the best font for your business cards is important. It has to set the right tone for you (and your business) and maintain a high level of readability.

While there are a lot of amazing fonts out there, not all of them are super easy to read and understand at small sizes. Most printers recommend that the font on a business card not drop below 8 points (that’s pretty small), so a highly readable option for anything this size is vital.

Here, we’ll look at 10 of the best fonts for business cards and ways you can make the most of these typefaces. Plus, we have a few examples of business card designs that are sure to inspire you.

1. Showcase Your Personality

business card font

The font you choose for your business cards should reflect your personality and that of your company or brand.

With so many people using personal branding for cards – those that don’t include a traditional logo placement – a font that feels like you can speak volumes. Look for something with details that match your personality, not every business card needs to use traditional fonts such as Arial or Times New Roman.

business card font

Try this: Campton

2. Go Traditional

business card font

On the other hand, there’s something to using traditional, tried and tested fonts for a business card design.

The major benefit is knowing how they will print and read at small sizes. These typefaces are often featured at 12, 10 and 8 points and ease of reading will be a concern on the standard 3.5 inches by 2-inch canvas. A traditional typeface – or one that your printer recommends – is often something they know will work well.

business card font

Try this: Helvetica

3. Look for Different Weights

business card font

If you are buying a font for a business card design, chances are you want to be as economical as possible. Look for a single font in different weights to give you plenty of flexibility in the design.

A single font with multiple weights will give you flexibility in creating hierarchy and variance in the design without having to work with multiple typefaces.

business card font

Try this: Abril

4. Find a (Premium) Freebie

business card font

While many designers think about premium, paid fonts first for print projects – there can be quality and character set issues here – you can find nice “freemium” options as well.

If you pick a free font for your business card design, examine the character set carefully first. Does it have a character for all the letters you plan to include? Does it contain the necessary numerals, punctuation or glyphs?

If not, you’ll need a second similar font to fill the gaps or need to make a new selection altogether. (It’s a lot easier to figure all this out before you get into the actual design.)

business card font

Try this: Gotu

5. Readability is Key

business card font

Nothing matters more than readability when it comes to choosing a font for your business card.

Look for a typeface that isn’t too thin or condensed and has more even stroke widths and nice bowls (that’s the round shape of a lowercase o). Pay special attention to kerning and leading.

The business card should be easy to read when you hold it at an arm’s length.

business card font

Try this: Gibson

6. Look for Interesting Details

business card font

A strong character set with interesting details – a nifty ligature, a long tail or elaborate drop cap – can make a great statement font for a business card.

Pick a single letter to focus on – maybe in your name – to use a special character. This is great for a fun tail on a descender or filled bowl or counter.

Look for a typeface that includes interesting details in the character set as a whole or a set that expands with glyphs or ligature options.

business card font

Try this: Rooney

7. Match It To Your Website

business card font

Particularly if most of your work is in the digital space, you might want to match the fonts on your business card to that of your website. This can help establish brand and consistency in both the physical and digital space.

Even if you don’t pick the same typeface, something with a similar shape and weight can create the same vibe.

business card font

Try this: Roboto

8. Consider a Font Pair

business card font

The same rules apply to business cards as other design projects – instead of picking just one font, select a font pair.

Mix and match fonts with different styles, such as a serif and sans serif or sans serif and novelty typeface. The goal is to have two fonts that are different enough to create distinct contrast and visual interest.

Font similarities should include shape and height. Most designers have a strong enough eye to look at a font pair and know if it works or not. Trust your judgment here as well.

Not sure where to start? We have a guide that includes 10 great Google Font combinations that also work for business card design.

business card font

Try this: Adelle Sans

9. Serifs Are OK

business card font

There’s this nasty little rumor that sans-serifs are the most readable fonts. Baloney!

A nice serif font can be just as easy to read and might even set a more appropriate tone for your business card design. A big part of choosing the best font for business cards is picking an option that communicates your information appropriately.

business card font

Try this: Libre Baskerville

10. Match it to Your Printing

business card font

When it comes to business card fonts, printing makes a huge difference. From paper type to finishes, you need to match styles appropriately.

Will the paper soak up ink or high color options? Will lettering show with a glossy finish? Are you adding a texture such as foil or embossing?

All of these print considerations can impact how type actually looks on the card when printed. Make sure you have a good idea of how the digital representation will reproduce physically. And when in doubt, talk to your printer about it; they probably have a good idea of what does and doesn’t work when it comes to specific paper and print options.

business card font

Try this: Geogrotesque


When planning a typography palette for your business cards, remember to keep readability top of mind. Even if you pick a fun novelty typeface for bigger lettering, such as your name, the main text on the card needs to be easy to read at a glance.

Always print a proof of your business card design on your office printer at actual size to test font size and readability, and if there’s any concern at all, consider a change to the typeface.

Source: Design Shack

Looking for a great polygon background texture for your design? Then you’re going to love this collection of free and premium geometric and poly background textures.

Low poly and geometric backgrounds are now turning out to be one of the most popular trends in design this year. They’re being used for both website and graphic designs to give the designs a retro and a pop-art look. Suffice to say, these textures do add an attractive, modern look to any project.

We’ve handpicked a few great free and premium poly and geometric textures you can use with your next project!

Abstract Geometric Memphis Background

Abstract Geometric Memphis Backgrounds

This unique geometric background features a design inspired by the Memphis design trend. It has a colorful and minimalist design that makes it suitable for website backgrounds, social media designs, business cards, and more. The background is available in JPG, PNG, and customizable AI and EPS file formats.

Brittle Geometric Background Patterns

Brittle Geometric Background Patterns

This bundle of backgrounds includes a set of colorful backgrounds featuring different geometric shapes scattered throughout the design. It comes with 16 different backgrounds in both JPG and EPS formats. These backgrounds are ideal for creating backgrounds for apps, websites, and print design projects.

Spiked Polygon Backgrounds

Spiked Polygon Backgrounds

A set of unique abstract backgrounds featuring spiked polygon shapes. This collection includes 10 different backgrounds with stylish polygon designs. The backgrounds are available in 5000 x 3333 resolution JPG files.

Dark Geometric Backgrounds

Dark Geometric Backgrounds

This collection comes with a set of geometric backgrounds featuring a dark color theme. It includes 8 unique backgrounds with stylish designs and they are available in 7 different color variations as well.

Clean Polygon Abstract Backgrounds

Clean Polygon Abstract Backgrounds

The backgrounds in this pack are ideal for creating websites and using with landing pages. This bundle includes 10 minimal and clean backgrounds that feature stylish polygon shapes. The backgrounds are available in 2560 x 1440 resolution.

Geometric Colors Backgrounds

Geometric Colors Backgrounds

Featuring lots of bright and vibrant colors, these geometric backgrounds are perfect for creating designs for instantly grabbing the attention of your audience. It includes 10 unique backgrounds in 4K resolution.

Colorful Polygon Abstract Backgrounds V12

Colorful Polygon Abstract Backgrounds V12

Another bundle of abstract backgrounds featuring polygon design. This collection includes 10 stylish backgrounds you can use to design website headers, app backgrounds, social media covers, and much more.

3D Polygon Backgrounds

3D Polygon Backgrounds

This is a collection of modern backgrounds that feature 3D generated polygon shapes. These will fit in perfectly with your technology and startup related website backgrounds as well as futuristic poster and flyer designs.

24 Polygonal Backgrounds

24 Polygonal Backgrounds

Add more color to your design projects using these attractive backgrounds. It comes with 24 backgrounds featuring polygon textures and lots of colorful designs. The backgrounds are available in 4000 x 2500 resolution.

Black and Gold Polygon Patterns

Black and Gold Polygon Patterns

This bundle of polygon textures is quite different from the rest. It comes with 44 PNG files with transparent backgrounds featuring various styles of polygon shapes. You can use these shapes to create your own unique abstract backgrounds. As a bonus, it includes 12 seamless pattern textures in JPG format as well.

Abstract Linear Geometric Backgrounds

This is a pack of 10 beautiful abstract backgrounds with colorful geometric shapes. The attractive design of the graphics makes it perfect to be used as a background for an app landing page, video game website, and also for websites related to kids.

Abstract Flat Geometric Lightning Backgrounds

This unique background pack includes 10 different abstract graphics that feature cosmic-like designs with colorful lightning bolts. The graphics are available in 5000 X 3333 resolution JPG files.

Diamonds – Low Poly Refraction Backgrounds

The perfect background graphic for a luxury brand or a store website. This low poly backgrounds pack comes with 10 stunning graphics with a unique refraction design with diamond-like shapes to add more style to your website background.

ZigZag – Geometric Wavy Backgrounds

A bundle of 30 background textures featuring geometric wavy designs. The pack includes 6 unique backgrounds, each with 5 different color variations. Ideal for creating everything from website backgrounds to social media covers and more.

Abstract Geometric Shapes Backgrounds

This pack of geometric backgrounds comes with 10 unique graphics you can use for your website backgrounds that feature various geometric shapes. These backgrounds are perfect for creating eye-catching website headers.

Vintage Polygon Backgrounds

The backgrounds in this pack feature polygon designs with a vintage touch. The bundle includes 10 different backgrounds in 3000 X 2000 resolution PNG files. These will fit in nicely with you retro styled minimalist website designs.

Realistic Polygon Backgrounds

The polygon shapes in this backgrounds pack come with a realistic 3D-like design. The backgrounds are available in different colors and with different shapes to let you pick just the right background for your project.

Polygonal Splash Backgrounds

If you’re working on a video game or an entertainment-related website, this background pack has 10 great backgrounds with splash graphics that will fit in nicely with your website project.

10 Grungy Polygonal Backgrounds

This pack of polygon backgrounds features 10 graphics you can use for various projects. The backgrounds also feature a retro style grungy design. Which makes them more suitable for websites with vintage designs.

Triangulated – 200+ Abstract Backgrounds

This is a massive pack of abstract backgrounds with triangulated designs. The pack features over 200 backgrounds with various designs you can use for your website, social media, app designs, and even print projects.

Outline Polygon Connected Dots Backgrounds

The graphics in this pack are simply perfect for creating a background or a header for a modern website. The minimalist outlined design with connected dots gives these backgrounds an elegant look that will help highlight the text on your website.

Geometrical Backgrounds

A pack of geometrical backgrounds that also feature a slightly blurred effect. You can use these with your website designs, slideshows, social media covers, and much more. The pack includes 10 different backgrounds.

Polygon Abstract Backgrounds V2

This collection of polygon backgrounds feature a colorful design. The graphics were created using the Delaunay Triangulation technique. The pack includes 10 unique backgrounds.

3D Crystal White Triangle Backgrounds

The graphics in this backgrounds pack were generated using 3D designs. The attractive crystal white color use makes it even more stunning. This pack comes with 12 background images in 3K resolution.

The Speed of Light Backgrounds

The colorful backgrounds in this collection feature a design that will instantly attract anyone’s attention. This pack includes 10 unique graphics in 4500 X 3000 resolution JPG files.

Geometric Vector Textures

A heavy bundle of 40 beautiful geometric textures. The geometric shapes in this bundle are fully scalable and they can be used in any app you use, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDRAW. It also includes a PDF visual reference guide for instructions on how to use them as well.

Seamless Polygon Backgrounds Vol.2

This is a bundle of free polygon backgrounds featuring a seamless design. The pack includes 5 different textures and comes to you as a layered PSD file for easier editing.

Low Poly Landscapes Backgrounds

A collection of 20 unique low poly backgrounds. All backgrounds in this pack feature landscape designs. However, you’ll be able to edit them to use as textures as well.

Free Polygonal Low Poly Background Texture

A breathtakingly beautiful low poly background texture. You can download and use it for free with your web and print design projects.

Polygon Geometric Collection

This is a collection of fully editable and scalable geometric vectors that you can freely use to create your own unique backgrounds. The pack comes with 10 original geometric shapes.

5 High Definition Geometric Backgrounds

A set of 5 HD geometric background textures. They are all available for free in 2500 x 2500 px resolution. You can use the designs as website backgrounds, poster designs, and more.

Geometric Textured Backgrounds

These textured backgrounds are ideal for a modern and a minimal website design. This pack of geometric backgrounds includes 10 different backgrounds with 6 color variations.

Geometric Backgrounds Set

A pack of multicolor geometric background textures. This bundle features 5 unique textures. You can download and use these textures for free. However, you’ll have to include an attribution to its author.

Grunge Geometric Backgrounds

This pack of geometric backgrounds features a unique take on a grunge design. The bundle includes 7 original backgrounds and you’ll also be able to choose from 3 different color variations for each background as well.

20 Free High-Res Geometric Polygon Backgrounds

For a freebie, this bundle packs a lot of goodness. It includes 20 high-quality poly backgrounds you can use with website and graphic designs. They are available in 3000 x 2000px resolution at 300ppi.

Magic Poly Backgrounds

Another collection of poly backgrounds. You can use these for your website headers, presentations, print work, and more. This bundle includes 12 different professionally designed poly backgrounds.

4 Free High-Res Geometric Polygon Backgrounds

This set of free poly backgrounds features 4 unique textures. Despite being free, all the textures have been professionally crafted. The colorful mixed design of the textures will certainly help make your designs stand out.

Outline Geometric Polygonal Backgrounds

A collection of different poly backgrounds. This bundle includes 10 original geometric and poly backgrounds. The only downside is they are available in JPG, which means you’ll only have limited customization options. But, they come in 5000 x 3333 resolution, which is more than enough to fit any web or print design.

10 Polygon Background Banners

This is a collection of 10 different poly backgrounds, specially designed for banner and poster backgrounds. However, you’ll be able to customize them to use with website backgrounds as well. All free to download.

Geometric 117 Tileable Backgrounds

This big bundle of backgrounds includes over 100 geometric background textures. It includes 13 unique textures in 9 different color schemes. They will work well with many different types of designs.

7 Polygon Backgrounds

The poly backgrounds in this free bundle feature a design with a blurred effect. It includes 7 unique backgrounds with different colors and with the same blurred effect.

Polygon Backgrounds

A collection of stylish polygon backgrounds you can use with your web design, product designs, logos, headers, brochures, and more. This pack of textures includes 8 unique poly backgrounds.

10 Free Polygon Backgrounds

A set of 10 free poly background textures featuring a strong and a colorful design. These textures come to you in 4000 x 3000 resolution and are ideal for website headers, backgrounds, social media covers, print designs, and more.

Polygon Abstract BGs Lines Style

This bundle of poly backgrounds features 12 different textures with line-style designs. Each comes in 3000 x 2000 resolution and they will fit in nicely with both digital and print design projects.

25 Colorful Polygon Backgrounds

A collection of 25 premium-quality poly background for free. This bundle includes 25 unique backgrounds featuring different colors and styles. All textures comes to you in 1600px x 1600px resolution as well.

Black Space Polygon Backgrounds

A set of 12 poly backgrounds for using with modern graphic and website designs. This pack of textures features a space inspired dark design. Which makes them perfect for minimalist design projects.

50 Free Tessellated Designs

A yet another big collection of poly background textures. This pack includes 50 free poly background textures you can use for all kinds of design work. The designs are available in both Photoshop and Illustrator files, as well as 2560 x 1440 resolution PNG files as well.

100 Geometric Patterns

Why settle for just a couple of textures when you can get 100. This massive bundle of geometric patterns includes 100 pattern swatches, including stripes, lines, triangles, waves, zigzag, scale, grid, checker, and more patterns. Works with both Photoshop and Illustrator.

Source: Design Shack