Case Study: Photography By Kyle


Photography By Kyle is an independent photographer who specialises in weddings and corporate photography. Northern based, Kyle passion for photography is evident in every shot he takes. They aim to bring a different style of wedding photography to each of their clients to really capture the emotions of the event. When Kyle came to us he wanted a brand which would represent his passion and authentication as a photographer and the love he has for his trade.


The vision was to create a brand which Kyle could be proud of, he wanted to communicate the message of trustworthiness and professionalism for every occasion. He asked us to completely redesign the brand he originally had. With specialist experience in rebranding, this is one we had confidence in mastering. The task involved a new logo, company name, new website and print for promotional products such as brochures and business cards. Coming up with the name Photography By Kyle meant that it could show the simplicity for the brand.


When designing the new brand, we had to take into account that the market is already heavily competitive. This meant that the brand had to stand out from the rest and become recognisable. We did what we always do and created a brand that is unique. Our designers thought long and hard and keeping it simple seemed like the best direction to go.

We designed the website using WordPress, with Kyle having some previous experience using WordPress it made sense for us to build on a platform familiar to him. WordPress gave us the gave us the flexibility to create a very visual and responsive website When it came to our in-house print and design, Kyle wanted a brochure and business cards to promote and showcase his work.


The aim was to design a brand that would increase awareness of the services By Kyle offers. It has certainly delivered, by combining the expertise of our designers and their experience in rebranding, and the ideas for the customer, we have now create a complete brand and promotional material which anyone could be proud of. Customers have commented on the look of the brand and the amazing quality of the brochures which they can receive. Kyle is very happy, and so are we!