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Miranda Bolter: Junior designers should learn to be creative, not balance budgets

Young designers should be taught to think critically rather than waste time learning how to time-manage and compile spreadsheets, says Miranda Bolter, design director at Superunion. A recent report from design studio Michon suggested that students and graduates lack the skills needed to help them get by in the working world, and appealed to professional designers to […]

What’s the Best Font for Your Resume or CV?

It might sound a little silly at first, but the typeface you select for your resume design can speak volumes to potential employers. The font represents your design style and professionalism. It can also impact how the person looking at your resume perceives the information at hand. The typeface you select makes a first impression […]

25+ Best Monogram Fonts

Creating a monogram is a popular design practice for logos, badges, signage, insignias, and signatures (it actually dates back to the early 350BC!). If you’re working on a monogram design, this collection of monogram fonts and typography is a helpful starting point! Many brands, products, and businesses still use monograms to craft unique logos that […]

Top 10 Podcasts for Designers and Creatives

Ready for a good listen? A great podcast can provide inspiration as well as a mental break while you work or relax. There’s no shortage of outstanding podcasts for designers and creatives, covering web design, creative life, and much more! Today we’ve gathered a collection of great podcasts for designers and creatives, to give you […]

Design Trend: Dark & Moody Designs

Good design can really get you in the mood. Today, we’ve got a collection of dark and moody website designs that will help inspire you to create a distinct atmosphere in your design work. While most dark collections have a bit of a “downer” vibe, not all of these designs have that feel (although color […]

Secret 7” sale returns with Morag Myerscough, Yinka Ilori and Jean Jullien

The annual exhibition sees anonymous designers, artists and illustrators create record sleeve artworks that are then sold for £50 each for a chosen charity, which will be Mind this year. Secret 7”, the anonymous charity record sleeve sale, has announced this year’s competition, and will see designers such as Morag Myerscough and Yinka Ilori create […]

How to Customize a Website Mockup Template

A website mockup template can be a design life-saver. It makes it easy to show off a website design concept in a setting that represents actual use (on many different devices). But how can you customize a website mockup template and drop in your own design? Here’s how. There are two ways to get started. […]

10 Tips for Perfect Flyer Design

If you aren’t a print project regular, designing the perfect flyer can be somewhat nerve-wracking. But it doesn’t have to be. With a solid content plan and a great designer (that’s you), crafting the perfect flyer that will entice and engage users is simple. There’s a wonderful feeling to designing something, then having it printed […]

10 Examples of Timeless Apple Design

When we set out to create a list of ten historic Apple products that feature timeless design, it seemed a little daunting. The reality is that it was anything but. Apple has been at the forefront of design and product design innovation since the Apple I in 1976. (Yes, Apple really has been making computers […]