Benro have launched a fantastic mobile camera stabilisation kit. It’s called the Benro 3XS Lite and is a smartphone gimbal stabiliser. Vastly improving your photography and videography performance! Perfect for the vlogger! Why? because of the gimbal inside the 3XS Lite!


This nifty little device will deliver silky smooth content whether you’re on smooth terrain or along humps and bumps. Whether you’re a simple vlogger or an extreme sports lover.

It has been designed to work with a smartphone. Simply slide the smartphone in to the device, making sure it is balanced. Otherwise the gimbal won’t work properly. Ports are also still useable, such as charging port and audio ports. The single button on the device allows users to switch between portrait mode and landscape mode. All other functions such as camera shutter, record and zoom can be accessed via the gimbal’s handle. Furthermore you can also attach an external mic!

It is incredibly lightweight too and weighs just 430g, allowing for long usage and easy transportation. It can also be unfolded in a matter of seconds so no need to be fumbling about! The Gimbal features a 2000mAH battery which provides 24Hrs of filming. What’s better yet, is that it features a 1/4″ threaded hole for mouting a tripod, allowing it to be used hands free during time lapses or panoramic shots.


“The 3XS Lite is one of the smallest gimbals on the market, but despite the small size it is not small on features. It boasts all of the features of the competition and more, its folding design makes it easy to carry, it’s lightweight and even has the ability to run an external microphone – something you wouldn’t expect to see on a gimbal of this size.”Mark Hoskins, Brand Manager, Benro

The Benro 3XS Lite also has a companion app. This app can be used to create multi-shot panoramas, time lapses, object tracking or face tracking. It can also be used to precision-tune the gimbal, for calibration and updating of firmware.

Purchase a Benro 3XS Lite by clicking here!


Source: How To Kill An Hour