Case Study: Scoople


Based in Lancashire, Scoople Recruitment Agency which specialises in Recruitment Made Easy. They have over 30 years experience in recruitment, their ethos is  simple, easy to use network of sites make it easy to get your listing in front of the masses. They aim to provide a service with is easy to use and time-saving for customers to use.


The vision was to create a recruitment website which was easier than anything else on the market. It was to be aimed at both the candidates and employers to find the perfect person to fit a role. When it was bought to us, Scoople was just a concept without an identity. They asked used to come up with everything including the brand name ‘Scoople’. This included the logo, website design, and print.


When designing the logo for Scoople we had to create something fresh and modern which an audience would recognise. We applied our best designers combined with their experience of rebranding company images into create a refreshing and contemporary brand idea. When it came to the website, it had to be something which was easy for customers to use but something which also gained effective results. By using WordPress and customised Job Bank enables customers to search through thousands of jobs, this website delivered on all levels. As we design and print in-house we were easily able to create some unique which is stood out potential clients.


Scoople’s values for their brand: Authentic, Reliable, Effective, Performance, Easy to Use, Contemporary and National have all been demonstrated in different elements of the brand. The base for the design is the core of the business and represents everything it stands for. We a Freedom of Creation recognise this and attempted to communicate this in every piece of design we created. Scoople loved it, and so did their clients!